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   Chapter 316 I'll Pick Her Up At The Hospital

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7448

Updated: 2019-01-21 22:38

"It is not up to me, Jean! Boss told me to put forward this information only if you sounded hesitant to come. The intention here was to get you mentally prepared, so that you won't be too surprised by this," John explained sounding guilty.

'Mentally prepared?

This gave me the biggest shock of my life!

Sonny is worrying too much, but doing the exact opposite of what I want.

And now he has made such a big move. I really don't know what to do next.

I was thinking about not having any relationship with Zed, but now?'

Now she had to make it to the gala tomorrow night, no matter what happened. If there came a thunderstorm, she still would have to go.

"I'll be on time for tomorrow night," said Jean looking trapped. She flashed him a sarcastic smile.

Hearing an affirmative answer from Jean didn't make John feel relieved. He asked worriedly,"Jean, are you sure about that? If you really don't want to go, then don't......"

"John......" Jean stopped John from going on any further,"This is not about whether I want to go or not. I am still Mrs. Qi, no matter what has happened between me and Zed. With Zed's grandpa coming in town, I am supposed to welcome him as his granddaughter-in-law."

"Ah......" Hearing this, John sighed depressedly. "I really don't know what is going on in Sonny's mind. I wonder why he is trying to mess things up knowing that you don't want to get back with Zed."

Now Jean remained silent because deep down she knew Sonny was her well-wisher. No matter what he did, his intentions were pure.

What surprised Jean, even more, was the fact that Sonny got Zed's grandpa to attend this party.

As far as she knew, there wasn't any relation between Sonny and Zed.

On top of that, everybody knew that Zed's grandpa had always been lived in Imperial Capital and rarely ever went out because of his age.

So the idea of him coming here sounded surprising.

'Is it because of Sonny?

Or was it because grandpa heard about the rumors about me and Zed? Is that the reason behind him coming here?'

Her unease magnified with these thoughts.

"Now that you have thought this through, go and have a good rest. Make some preparation for tomorrow and then I will pick y

After all, Jean is his protege. As her mentor, he certainly doesn't want his beloved protege to divorce the one he values and appreciates the most. On top of that, he is aware that as long as you maintain a husband-wife relationship, he and his company will have nothing to worry about."

"Jesse, what are you talking about?" Zed shouted in anger,"I know Sonny very well and you have no right to accuse him of something like this.Never insult him, I warn you! I won't stand this anymore."

With this, he took his coat from the chair and walked out.

"Where are you going?" Jesse followed him and shouted as Zed made his way to the garage.

"I'll go and pick her up at the hospital."

Without waiting for Jesse's reply, Zed got in his sports car and started the engine. The car drove away quickly.

Watching in surprise, Jesse's face became pale and anger was written all over her face.

'Zed, why are you so impatient?

The minute you know grandpa is coming to H City, you drop everything and bring her back to this house!

As it turns out, you still love her from the bottom of your heart, don't you?'

At the hospital, Jean was tossing and turning in her bed, and finally decided to take a walk outside.

The minute she opened the door, she saw a figure leaning against the wall who instantly looked up at her.

They were both out of words while they looked into each other's eyes.

The time seemed to have frozen, and there was no one to break this silence.

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