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   Chapter 315 Cyber Violence

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8451

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"Alright, just don't tell me that you are not going to come for dinner. I mean you seem to have had enough cigarettes, right?" Jesse questioned in a tone which obviously had anger to it.

Noticing that Jesse was about to get mad at himbecause of his carelessness, Zed tried to put a smile on his face and replied,"Well, you just came here to invite me to dinner. I can't say no to that, can I?"

Today, Jesse was at her breaking point.

He clearly figured that Jesse might even cry if he rejected her offer.

'Are you really going to cry just because I hurt myself a little?

Aren't you making a mountain out of a molehill, Jesse?' Zed could only say this to himself. The last thing he wanted was to upset her even more.

As Zed said yes to her offer, Jesse brightened up,"Fine, I'll take that as a 'yes'. And thanks for coaxing me when you know I'm upset. "All right, now let's go for dinner!" Her sulky mood was gone and it was now filled with pleasure.

Now she walked towards the door and turned to look at Zed expectantly, blinking her big bright eyes.

After stubbing out the cigarette, Zed let out out a long sigh and then he followed Jesse towards the door.

On the other side, Jean just returned to her ward after dinner. With nothing to do, Jean sat down and refreshed the comments on Weibo.

That video had become a trending topic and there were all kinds of speculations and suspicions within the comments.

The verbal grenades seemed to intensify the fight between the supporter and the resistant.

Now Jean was extremely upset. It was not like she hadn't expected a result like this, however, she still failed to prevent it in the end.

In the comments, she saw there were a bunch of provocations against Maranda, Ron, and Calvin by people from all the sides. What was even worse was that some of the haters exposed their personal privacies over the years using a lot of fake pictures. The more she refreshed the Weibo comments, the more irritated she became.

Having experienced similar violence in the past on the Internet, Jean knew too well the horrible damages it would bring.

Had Maranda listened to Jean, they wouldn't have gotten into trouble at the moment. 'Poor Maranda, why didn't you just listen to me!' Jean couldn't help and let out a frustrated sigh.

All of a sudden, there was a knock on the door which startled Jean. For a second, Jean froze, and then she looked up alertly at the door.

The door was opened and John walked in. His expression conveyed the anxiety that

ed pale suddenly.

It never occurred to her that her boss Sonny would do such a thing for her.

"Please calm down first," John replied. Seeing the surprised facial expression on Jean's face, he smiled a little. "It is Zed's parents, Mrs. and Mr. Qi, at first that was invited to the party. But they are away at the moment. So Sonny decided to invite Mr. Benjamin Qi. Sonny went to the Imperial Capital in person in order to give his invitation…"

Jean stopped listening and had no idea what John said after that. Her mind was whizzed with other thoughts.

The information that Zed's grandpa, Mr. Benjamin Qi, was coming was a big deal for her.

'Benjamin Qi, the one who had a great deal of influence on the Imperial Capital, was now coming here, ' thought Jean.

She has heard that this old gentleman was eighty years old but managed to maintain a good spirit. His weather-beaten face conveyed what he had been through. And his deep sharp eyes had the ability to make the timid faint on the spot.

It was well-known fact that Benjamin Qi liked Zed more than he liked anyone else. This love magnified because Zed followed his footsteps and made it big in business.

'And now, this legendary old man was coming to H City, ' registered Jean's muddled mind.

Under this condition, it was impossible for Jean to escape or reject this party.

After all, according to the world, she was still Zed's wife.

'How could I not show up when Benjamin Qi will be there?' Jean was overwhelmed now.

It would be hard for Jean to survive in H City if she rejected this invitation.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Jean asked in a nervous tone, looking at John with a frown.

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