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   Chapter 314 Distracted Zed

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7958

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Now Jean realized why Moore was so peculiar.

He didn't grow up like an ordinary boy and suffered a lot in his life. His childhood was spent in worries and without the companionship of a mother.

Overall, his life experiences had endowed him with a discreet and cautious character. As a result, he dedicated his time to building his body to protect himself from the uncertain life.

"It's just a way of killing time, no big deal!" Seeing the worship and admiration in Jean's eyes, Moore felt a little embarrassed and scratched his head awkwardly.

As a matter of fact, he started to build up his willpower and forbearance at a very young age. It was something that turned into a habit, hence it felt natural to him.

Ever since he realized his value in his dad's life, he lost all his hopes.

If it were not for his foster parents who cared for him, loved him and protected him, he would have been a miserable human-being.

"Don't be so modest! I know you are strong both physically and mentally!" exclaimed Jean. Slowly, she stepped closer to Moore and patted on his shoulder with admiration. "If I am half as capable as you, I will be afraid of nothing."

"Jean..." Moore blushed while he uttered Jean's name. "In that case, don't be afraid because I will be here to protect you!"

"I know.But for that, you need to recover soon," said Jean with sincerity. Her mind couldn't rest until he recovered completely.

"I will." Moore took a deep breath and looked at Jean with a determined smile.

Zed, on the other hand, entered his villa and greeted Zelda with a slight nod. Without wasting any time, Zed went straight into his room.

Impatiently, he pushed the door of his bedroom and slumped on his bed in complete darkness. His mind replayed all the beautiful memories he had with Jean in the past.

The mere thought of Jean tingled his body with sensation and brought a genuine smile on his face.


Zed spoke to the darkness. It was the name that was always on the tip of his tongue. He missed her miserably and wished that she was with him. Sadness consumed him and he closed his eyes to stop himself from weeping.

'You must hate me more now, do you?

You are supposed to hate me! After all, I have hurt you so much.

It's all my fault. I feel so incapable and useless! I can't have you even when I am with you in the same hospital.

In order to keep Jean safe, he sacrificed their relationship.

He realized everything had taken some unexpected turns.

For example, the appearance of Moore was out of the blue.

On top of that, he received the news about someone tracking Lance.

'What exactly is going on?' wondered his frustrated mind.

All these signs indicated that his problems had only begun. He foresaw more difficulties in the coming future.


He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that the cigarette butt burned his finger. 'Aaaaaah!' The pain forced a small cry out of him.

Before he could react more, the door of the study was pushed open and Jesse's apprehensive face came to his view.

"Zed, no matter how worried you are about things going on in life, you must take care of yourself!You just returned from the hospital and you shouldn't smoke. You are killing yourself!" grumbled Jesse, as she strode toward Zed and took his burnt finger in her hands. Gently, she blew on his finger. It was evident that she cared a lot about him.

"I'm fine..." said Zed removing his hand from hers. "How did you come in?"

It surprised Zed to see Jesse here at such short notice.

"I noticed that you have locked yourself in the study. Moreover, Zelda told me that you have been inside for a long time. Right now, Zelda informed the dinner is ready, so I am here to call you."Jesse pouted at Zed with a look of disagreement.

"Is dinner ready?" repeated Zed. Now it struck him that he had stayed in the study for two long hours.

Zed rubbed his brows gently and felt really whacked.

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