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   Chapter 313 You Owe Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 12597

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Henry was stunned on hearing Jean's words. His face was livid and flushed. Even the upper edge of his ears started to turn reddish. He turned his face in the opposite direction and stared in delirium. He didn't like Jean's last statements, which made him feel agitated.

"Father, you should remember that our daughter-father relationship will turn into partnership from this moment on. You can't blackmail me emotionally later. And you owe me no matter if you are willing to do that or not." Jean stated ironically with her eyes fixed on him. She didn't want to give wrong impression about her to Henry. She made it all clear to him what he should be expecting from their cooperation.

Originally, she didn't want to be so straightforward. But apparently, she found that Henry had become slow-witted after being in a coma for so long. So, she couldn't help but say what she really wanted.

'Wasn't he very quick-witted? Coma showed its ill effects on him, ' Jean thought.

Earlier, Henry had been able to quickly figure out how to deal with Jean or what he should do next to gain any advantages from Zed as long as Joy urged him to do so. That time, he had been damn smart to understand the recent conversation within seconds.

Now, Jean had spoken to him in such an uncomplicated manner. She would be speechless if Henry was still unclear about what he should do and his own identity.

"I've got it," Henry turned his face only to utter those few words. As soon as he finished speaking, he moved his face away from Jean. He was behaving very strangely from the way he used to before. It was weird for Jean to see Henry that way.

"I am just reminding you in good faith," Jean unknowingly explained to Henry with a deep sigh on seeing such a difference in his personality. "You better wake up in the presence of Joy and Shirley. On top of that, you have to behave naturally when you wake up, so that they won't become suspicious. So, be careful. If you won't do as I've told you to, you should be clear what will be the consequences of your actions. And be ready for taking responsibility for those consequences. I am not going to say anything more. I will come to visit you again after a few days. By that time, I hope that you will be willing to cooperate with me to find out the fact about my mother's death."

Jean walked out of the ward without casting another glance at Henry as soon as she finished her words. Time had turned her into a stone-hearted person.

After all, Henry was still in a coma as far as Joy and Shirley knew. She couldn't stay there for too long, in order to not arouse their suspicions. She wanted them to believe that Jean was only there to visit his unconscious father and nothing more.

"Jean..." Before she stepped out of the ward, Jean heard Henry's hesitant slow voice. That voice gave a shock to Jean, as she had never heard so much pain in Henry's voice.

She turned back and focused her eyes on that man lying on the sickbed at the corner of the ward. Hishaggard face was full of wrinkles.

"If your mother wasn't..." Henry stammered with a tinge of panic on his face. But immediately, he waved his hand in a dismissing manner and said,"You just go!"

Jean's face suddenly scrunched into quizzical expressions with her brows raised. After taking a deep look at Henry, she stepped out of the ward with Moore. She was confused on seeing such a painful and weak reaction of Henry. Initially, she wanted to know what Henry was saying but something stopped her from pursuing him.

Seeing that the door of his ward had been closed, Henry took a deep breath. At last, he closed his eyes in despair. He was all alone in his ward once again. His mind was feeling kind of dizzy right now from all the conversations he had ha

r,"The doctor has asked you to stay here for your own good. From your saying, it seems as if you have been kidnapped by the hospital."

"Yes. In fact, I really feel that I have been kidnapped. It makes me feel trapped here. I couldn't have stayed here for so long if you hadn't arrived here. It's because of your company that my stay in this hospital seems tolerable to me." Moore nodded at her seriously. All the things that he told her were true. Her company made him pass his days with ease.

"Moore..." Jean said seriously while the smile on her face gradually disappeared,"You told me that you studied business administration. And previously, Joy was really scared by your disposition. It was clearly visible from her reaction. Anyway, you don't look like a frail scholar!"

In actuality, Moore's complexion still looked dull and unhealthy after days of rest and recovery. It seemed that he hadn't recovered his nutrient levels to the fullest. He needed more time to recover to his full health.

But he didn't look so pale and haggard as he was looking at the time of surgery. So surely, his health had improved in comparison to before.

The lines and textures on his face were as delicate as carvings. In addition, there were muscles all over his body. Deep within his muscles, great potential was hidden. It was clearly visible that he was a person who had done a lot of physical work.

Such power was admirable and enviable.

"I..." Moore stammered, as shyness overcame him upon hearing Jean's compliments. Then, he added,"I have many interests and hobbies, including climbing, fencing, boxing and rock climbing. I can do almost all types of exercises. Physical labor is not that much difficult for me."

"My god! I have never thought that you could have so many interests. I only considered that you were kind of serious, but not that much into adventures." Jean cried out in excitement. She was filled with zest on imagining Moore as a sporty person.

Then, she realized it was no wonder that Moore was alive and kicking within a few days after his car accident in which he received such severe wounds. It was his previous workout which had helped him in reviving.

There was also another thing that had puzzled Jean. Apparently, Jean noticed that Moore was yelling in great pain while undergoing surgeries. But why did he refuse to relieve his pain with medicines? It would be easier for him if he would have taken them. She surely wanted to know about the reason behind his decision.

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