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   Chapter 312 Why Did My Mother Die

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 12064

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'Why my mother died?'

As soon as Jean had said that, the two men present there in the ward were shocked and their facial expressions instantaneously changed, with their eyes and mouths slightly wide open.

Moore looked at Jean with a perplexed expression in order to understand what Jean had in her mind. But Jean was expressionless. She asked such a serious question without even hesitating for a minute. Only then did Moore understood earlier, why Jean annoyed Joy and Shirley. She wanted to make them leave the ward as soon as she entered it.

Jean's ultimate purpose was to ask her father about the real reason of her mother's death.

'But Jean's father is really weird!

Since he has woken up, why does he still pretend to be in coma?'

With a bit of amazement in his heart, Moore wondered while looking at Jean and Henry silently. He was dazed on this father-daughter combo as both them were acting so peculiarly, one more than the other.

On hearing Jean's question, Henry seemed to be in much more shock than Moore as his face was contorted in annoyance. He became angry, glared at Jean and said,"What do you mean? Your mother has been dead for so many years. Why are you still asking me about it? I have told you before. And I am going to say it again one last time. Your mother died of an illness."

"Did my mother really die because of an illness? What kind of illness she was suffering from? Tell me." Hearing Henry's reply, Jean immediately sneered, looked at Henry sarcastically and asked him coldly. She knew Henry was not telling her all the things and there was something wrong with what had happened to her mother.

"What kind of illness she was suffering from? I'm not a doctor. I don't know about that." At that moment, Henry looked even more angrier. "Anyway, she suffered an acute disease. After being infected for just a short period of time, she died. There was nothing we could do to save her. What do you mean by asking me about that after such a long time? Do you have doubts that I have been lying to you?"

After saying that, Henry glared at Jean in disdain. And it was clearly visible that he no longer wanted to continue the conversation on this topic.

His facial expression showed that he was not lying to Jean in this matter, and there was no need for him to lie to her since he didn't consider Jean as his daughter.

Jean stared at Henry. Noticing the impatience and disgust in Henry's face, Jean couldn't help sighing in her heart. But she was quite perplexed on listening to Henry.

Earlier, when she was about to lose her consciousness, by chance Jean heard Joy saying these words,"If I had known you were such a bitch, I would have killed you too..." Since then, Jean had a doubt in her heart. She wanted to clear out what Joy meant by saying that. She felt restless since then.

Was it the truth that her mother didn't die of some illness, but was murdered by someone? This question was poking in her mind continuously.

With this doubt in her heart, Jean rushed here with the hope to know more about her mother's death from Henry. She was sure that Henry would know about it all.

However, from Henry's attitude, it seemed that he himself didn't knew about that. He showed such indignation towards Jean even at such a serious matter.

'Is it because I am being too suspicious? Maybe what he said is the real truth?


Jean quickly rejected her thought. Maybe Henry was not at all aware of the plan played by Joy. It could be possible Joy did it all by herself and she fooled Henry in believing that Jean's mother died because of some i

o straightforward. It was clearly visible that he was hurt on listening that it was his wife who worked hard to bring the company to the heights.

He stared at Jean for a long while, with his lips trembling. Finally, he sighed and said,"Okay, I believe you this time. You can do whatever you are planning to do."

On realizing that Henry had agreed with her on going back to the Wen Group, a smile appeared on Jean's face, She reached out her hand towards Henry and said,"Father, I hope we have a good cooperation. And both of us can achieve whatever we are wishing for."

Glancing at Jean's hand, Henry did not respond but looked away. He didn't want to have any kind of emotional interaction with Jean. He didn't even cared for what she might be feeling in her heart on his reaction. He only cared about his business and his reputation.

As for Henry's reaction, Jean did not care about it. She had achieved a saturation point in her life where she no longer worries for people's actions. She retracted her hand peacefully without any trace of disappointment on her face, looked at Henry and asked seriously,"When are you going to wake up in front of them? You can't pretend to be in coma all the time. They are going to find that you are out of coma sooner or later. Then, it will be troublesome for you to handle them. Moreover, I think you may have found out the answer to the question in your heart! You may also know clearly whether I have lied to you or not."

Henry raised his head, glared at Jean and said with a sneer,"Are you so concern to see that I am in conflict with Joy? It seems your desire is coming true at last. Jean, are you happy to see that our family is falling apart? You are always jealous of us."

Being questioned ruthlessly even after doing so much, Jean smiled and said,"Father, how can you treat me like this? Don't you have a shed of emotions in your heart? What I said is the truth. You may have said those words out of anger or just told me the true feelings of your heart. Anyway, I don't mind it. I have stopped caring for all those things long time ago and also I am not a child to take those words to my heart. Now I am telling you, no matter what happens to the Wen family, it has nothing to do with me. I will only try my best for the company. And that's only for my mother.I also woke you up just because of my mother."

'I am not so evil as you think.'

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