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   Chapter 311 I Won’t Allow You To Even Take Half A Step Away From Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8671

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Jean asked Moore expectantly.

"Of course," Moore replied without a tinge of hesitation. Without even asking her where they were headed to, he directly stood up and looked as if he were ready for it.

When Jean heard Moore's prompt reply, a smile immediately showed up and brightened her face. She instantly removed the blanket and got off the bed. After that, she walked into the bathroom to wash her up and put on some makeup. With everything in place, she went out with Moore.

At first, Moore was glad to go somewhere with Jean. But the initial excitement disappeared when Moore found that Jean stopped outside the ICU.

'Is Jean going inside to visit Henry?

Nothing strange or wrong has happened. Then, why is she suddenly coming here to see Henry?

She even asked me to keep her company. Why?' Moore was at a loss of words.

As he walked side by side with Jean, he felt her tension build up.

"Jean..." he called catching her attention. But not knowing what to say, he just looked down. Before he could say anything, Jean replied back," Moore..." Jean paused for a while. Then she lookedMoore straight into his eyes and added in a low voice," You will have to keep me company whatever happens. I won't allow you to take even half a step away from me."

Hearing these words, Moore was stunned. Taking great pity on this woman in front of him, he hurriedly replied with a firm nod," Okay, I will. I promise."

Jean didn't feel at ease until she heard Moore's reply. Now she relaxed as her tension was relieved. At last, she reached out her hand to the door and pushed it open.

Joy and Shirley were toweling Henry. Hearing the sound, the two of them looked up. As soon as they saw Jean, both of their faces contorted into shock and irritation.

"You......" Joy stammered. She figured that Jean would still be alive, but she had never expected her to muster up the courage and stand in front of her so soon. With a burst of panic in her mind, Joy still pretended to be calm and said," Why are you here?"

"Not for you. I am here to visit my father." At the sight of this evil woman, the time when she grabbed her neck came back to her mind.

When Joy squeezed her neck with her hands, Jean felt as if her muscle was pierced. On top of that, Joy's sharp fingernails nearly created holes on Jean's neck.

What had happened to her earlier was the most physically draining incident of her life. She unknowingly turned her eyes wide open and tried hard to suppress her fear.

"Father?" Shirley exclaimed after she calmed herself down on seeing Jean," Jean, you have clea

topped you from throttling Jean to death. She is still so arrogant in front of us," Shirley said with regret.

"Now it is too late to say these things. But take it easy, Shirley. I don't think that man will be with her all the time. Sooner or later, there will be a chance for me to attack her. Then, I will definitely not let her go," Joy said with a mischievous smile on her face.

"Mom, you mean..." All of a sudden, Shirley's eyes gleamed with curiosity about what her mother had planned for Jean.

After Joy and Shirley left, the noisy ward suddenly fell silent. Nothing apart from the ticking sound of the medical instruments was heard.

With a bit of hesitation, Jean slowly walked towards the bed.

Looking at Jean's back, Moore felt burdened and heavy-hearted although he didn't know the reason behind these emotions.

'Jean is so slim and feeble. Yet she has experienced so many hardships in life.' Moore's heart cried for Jean and her sufferings.

"The two of them have left. Don't pretend to sleep," Jean said in a voice that was both crisp and calm.

Her words scared Moore who was still lost in thoughts. At last, he intuitively shifted his gaze to the bed.

As soon as he turned his eyes on Henry, his expression turned into that of shock.

He watched Henry slowly open his swollen and bleary eyes. Henry stared at Jean but found it hard to keep his gaze on her. At last, he said grumpily," Why are you here? I don't consider you to be my daughter."

In spite of Henry's harsh words, Jean chuckled and said," Very good. It seems that you have turned much better now. Take it easy. I did not come here to say that I consider you my father either. I just want you to tell me why my mother died."

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