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   Chapter 310 Almost Died

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7936

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"Jean... Jean... Wake up... Wake up..."

Jean was in a daze when she heard someone yell loudly. Finally, she came out of the coma.

When she opened her eyes, her mind was completely blank.

Not knowing what to do, she blankly stared at the far-away corner and stayed silent for a long time.

Noticing this, Moore was suddenly taken aback and he hurriedly waved his hand trying to get her attention.

'What's wrong?' he wondered to himself.

Only two hours had passed since Moore left her. But Jean looked as if she had experienced a disaster.

Moore badly wanted to call for a doctor. But before he could turn back and leave, he noticed that Jean had come to her senses. The past seconds had been awful for him, but now he sighed out of relief.

"Jean, what's wrong with you? You scared me to death..." Moore still sounded scared while he recalled her condition. "You were well when I left. Then, why did you faint?"

'Faint?' Jean wondered. Things were blurry and nothing made sense to her.

After racking her brain, she slowly recollected the incident that brought her to this.

As this scene ran across her mind again, Jean intuitively felt a shiver run down to her spine.

'Moore, it's not just you who got scared to death. In actuality, I almost died!' Jean thought.

Consumed with grief, she involuntarily closed her eyes. Deep down, she started to wonder why she didn't actually die.

By now, some of the scenes replayed inside her mind with clarity. She remembered that Shirley had shown up. 'Instead of helping Joy, she persuaded her to let me go, ' thought Jean. This piece of information puzzled her but that was how she remembered it.

'That is impossible!

Shirley hates me and would never help me!' Jean chided herself.

She was convinced that her mind had played tricks on her.

While she was lost in thoughts, a loud voice called her back to reality. "Jean, what on earth is wrong with you? Just reply to me, okay?" Moore looked pretty tense and Jean felt guilty for not acknowledging his presence.

"I'm okay," Jean said with a smile. She looked up at his tensed face and added,"I was so tired that I fell asleep..."

'Fell asleep? Didn't you faint?' Moore thought.

Doubt was still displayed on his face, but he decided he had to let it go. Moreover, Jean looked fine now and that was all that mattered to him.


you still remember what we thought of him when we saw him for the first time? I remember that vividly. At that time, I thought that he was either a swindler or a weirdo."

As she recalled the scene when they met Leo for the first time, Jean couldn't help bursting into laughter. "Yeah!" she replied after she controlled her laughter. Later, she spoke in a serious tone,"There are many opportunities in our lives, and we never know what is in store for us.We met Leo. Perhaps it was God's decision for him to help us."

"It seems that you are very sentimental today," Moore replied. Jean indeed astonished him today with her sudden mood change.

"Hmm." Jean nodded and added,"I have suddenly realized that in actuality, it is extremely hard for us to live and survive in this world."

"Why do you think so?" Now Moore was really concerned. There was something very odd about her words.

"I haven't realized until today that I have been fooled and tricked several times in my life." With the mention of all this, Jean's eyes started to blur with tears. Seeing her sadness, Moore had no idea how to console her.

"Jean..." Moore called her name as he didn't know what to say.

Jean sniffed, stared at Moore and replied in a resolute tone,"I have a lot of work to do now. Moore, you have to recover as soon as possible. Don't let anyone bully you again."

"Okay." From her words, Moore knew that Jean concealed something from him. But since Jean didn't wish to tell him, Moore figured it would be inappropriate to prob her.

"Will you go somewhere with me right now?"

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