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   Chapter 309 I'm Going To Kill You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6885

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"You are talking nonsense. Wen Group belongs to Henry and me." Joy suddenly had a nervous breakdown, and her eyes became fierce. She said,"Your mother died a long time ago and she has nothing to do with the Wen Group."

"Yes, you are right! My mother is dead now but I'm still alive. I am here on behalf of my mother." Jean reminded Joy coldly as she saw Joy going crazy over this matter.

"You shameless bitch! I won't let you get away with this." Joy said as she grabbed Jean's neck all of a sudden.

Jean knew that Joy would be driven crazy by her but never did she expect Joy to attack her.

Joy attacked her in the hospital during the daytime.

What was worse was the fact that Jean was so weak that she was no match for Joy who had attacked her like an animal.

Jean still fought back with all her strength. She tried her best to break off Joy's grip. Joy's hands were tightly clutching around Jean's neck, and Joy was choking her. Jean said,"Joy... Are you insane? Are you... trying to... kill me?"

"Yes, I'm going to kill you and help you reunite with your mother in hell." Joy had lost her mind completely at this moment. With something dangerous in her eyes, she said,"If I had known you were such a bitch, I would have killed you too."

'Killed me too?'

Hearing this, Jean's heart sank and her head buzzed with fear.

As expected, Joy had something to do with her mother's death.

Joy's words aroused Jean's curiosity, so she suddenly stopped struggling. She wanted Joy to tell her the real death cause of her mother. No matter what Jean did, Joy wasn't letting go. Jean could do nothing but stare at her.

'Am I going to die?

Will I be killed by this disgusting woman?'

Jean began to feel out of breath and was about to faint. Even though she couldn't breathe, she still felt so sad when thinking of her dead mother.

Just when Jean was about to kick the bucket, another noise came out of the doorway, and then she heard something that made her panic. "Mom, what are you doing?"


How come it is her?'


ean, who was unconscious on the floor, and said,"All right! For your sake, I won't kill her today. But now it totally depends on her luck whether she can recover after this or not."

After hearing Joy's words, Shirley felt relieved and stopped crying.

"Shirley, my baby! Mom can never refuse your request." Joy still regretted what she just did. She had wanted to kill Jean. She knew there would be more troubles in the future because of Jean.

However, the good news was that when Joy said that it was she who killed Jean's mother, Jean had already fainted and did not hear it.

Joy felt relieved after thinking this.

Finally, Joy and Shirley left the ward while laughing their way out. The ward became quiet as it was before.

Jean was lying on the bed motionless with her face pale and eyes closed.

Watch Joy and Shirlet leave, Toby went in the ward and nervously put his finger around Jean's nose. After making sure that Jean just passed out, he withdrew his hand with a gloomy expression on his face.

'I just left Mrs. Jean for a while, and she almost lost her life.

I should be more alert and be with her all the time.

Thanks to Shirley that she came and saved Mrs. Jean. If she hadn't come, I had to break in and Mr. Zed's plan would have been affected.

But why? Shirley hates Mrs. Jean.

Why did she stop her mother from killing her?'

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