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   Chapter 307 Don’t Hate Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8737

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At that very moment, it felt like the earth stopped spinning. Everyone around them were shocked. With their eyes wide open, they all stared.

Everyone seemed to be so engrossed in the fight that they forgot to step in and stop Zed and Moore from fighting. Moore was still a patient with his wounds notyet healed. In those onlookers' eyes, Moore was overreaching himself.

Zed was the most powerful one in the city. Nobody had ever competed against him, because they all knew they would lose against him. The crowd was shocked to see someone like Moore, confronting someone like Zed. They all pitied Moore, because this was a huge risk that he was taking.

As Jean saw what really was happening, she turned pale. She had wanted to stop them from fighting, but it was too late to get involved now.

Before Jean got the chance to stand up, Moore came right in front of Zed and fiercely glared at him. Moore acted as if the man in front of him was not human but a ferocious breast. At that moment, Moore's eyes were full of hatred for Zed.

Zed felt Moore's bravery, due to which the smile on his face faded away. Zed was shocked at whatever was happening.

Overwhelmed with a mix of different emotions, Zed stared at Moore to expect something in his eyes but there was nothing that Zed was looking for.

At that moment, Zed knew that Moore would never think twice before taking Jean's side. He would do everything in his strength and power to win. Moore pitied Jean and he was willing to do everything for her.

Deep in his heart, Zed questioned Moore's feelings for Jean. He felt the agitation.

It had not been too long since Moore and Jean had known each other, yet he was willing to fight for her. This clearly showed that Moore had other motives. This alone was too incredible for Zed.

At the thought of this, Zed quickly winked at Gregory and Terry, his musclemen. Although Zed didn't move from his place, he ordered them to move.

Moore nearly swung at Zed to punch him, but Zed did not move even a little inch.

"Wow!" Suddenly, the crowd exclaimed at Zed's courage for not hitting him back.

Jesse, on the other hand, suddenly got anxious.

When Moore's fist was just a few centimetres away from Zed's face, Gregory interrupted and grabbed Moore's hand. He did everything in his strength to stop Moore from punching Zed.

Nobody expected him to do that but at the very last moment, he stopped the fight.

"Ooh," exclaimed the crowd.

They all admired how Zed had such a strong muscleman. His men remained calm throughout the fight. They had always admired Zed but today their adm

lly uttered some harsh words after being silent for quite a long time. Instead of getting furious, she was very calm when she replied to Zed.

The crowd was astonished.

Moore was no exception either. He stared at Jean in astonishment. He was completely taken aback by Jean's behaviour. He was totally confused why Jean swallowed Zed's insults in silence.

She was Zed's wife and he should have treated her with more respect. A woman is always equal to a man in marriage but he thought of her as someone inferior to him.

What confused Moore even more was the fact that why she was threatened that way in the first place.

"Jean?" Moore called out her name. He had a sense of sadness in his tone.

"Ooh? Really? Thank me for reminding? It seems that you have understood me completely. Now, you even know who you really are. That's good! I really hope that now we can enjoy our lives." Zed stared intensely at Jean for a whole minute before he left.

He looked too arrogant to even look at Jean for a second time.

Jesse's eyes suddenly glowed. Then, she walked over to Jean with a smile and said,"Jean, I am glad that now you and brother Zed can get along very well. I really admire you for what you did today. You are very brave. You should give me advice when you are free so that I can become a little wise like you."

The crowd could sense the mockery in her tone.

Zed had not left yet and as soon as he heard those words out of Jesse's mouth, he was taken aback. He had trusted her the most but upon hearing these words from the one whom he trusted the most, he stopped in his heels.

However, Zed had long realized that it was best if he didn't say a word in front of the public. He had no choice but to walk away.

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