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   Chapter 306 Let Her Go!

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7734

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Someone quickly grabbed her arms and Jean, supported by an unknown, did not tumble. Hoping secretly that it was Zed, she looked up to see her knight in shining armour.

But her inward delight was stricken down and she scowled on finding out that it was Gregory who was supporting her. Feeling disappointed, she forced a smile and stood up immediately.

At that very moment, Zed and Jesse walked by her, taking no notice of her at all.

She could clearly feel the obvious coldness and indifference those two were treating her with as they passed.

It was like falling into a pit made of ice. Jean felt cold as death and was hard to breathe in.

She felt anoxic as though all the oxygen had been pumped out and things started getting blurry.

She tried hard to hold back her tears and lowered her head so that no one could notice her emotions.

'Why is this happening?'

Jean asked herself. 'How did it come to this?'

Zed had been so tender to her a few days ago and it was evident how much he loved her.

Only a few days had passed and everything had changed!

Whenever they had met each other, he had pretended not to know her at all!

She knew that people were fickle and capricious, but could a man change so quickly in just a couple of days?

Her mind felt wronged and aggrieved and was?in a?jumble! She should have been the one to stand in front of him and question his behavior!

But now, like a child who had unwittingly done something wrong, she had no courage to even face him, let alone question him.

She suddenly realized what she had said to Moore was right! The sky had fallen!

Her sky!

Zed had completely changed and with himself, had brought down her skies!

He already had a more suitable woman beside him and that was Jesse! They were so well-matched that he never even looked elsewhere now.

A bitter?smile?suddenly appeared on?Jean's lips as she closed her eyes, feeling desperate!

"Stop..." From somewhere in front of them came a loud roar in a familiar voice, stunning Jean. With eyes wide open, she gaped?towards where the sound had come from!

Oh no! It was what she had been worried about the most! Moore was standing in front of them furiously and had stopped Zed.

'How interesting! This man has tried to stop me.'

Zed?surveyed Moore from head

s relationship with Jean.

All the audience around screamed and hooted. They whispered to each other as they took a peculiar look at Jean. Jean became a taunt to the onlookers.

Jean felt a pang in his heart. From the way Zed was walking and acting, she had known what he would tell the audience now.

She couldn't help but shiver as her heart cried in pain, 'No... Don't say that out loud... At least don't do it in front of so many people...'

Zed looked deep in Jean's eyes and his heart felt some anguish when he saw her complexionless and pale face. He took his finger back and continued to announce mercilessly,"Do you think there are true feelings between us? Our marriage was nothing but the mere binding of interests! It's true that I have other women outside, just like she has an intimate relationship with you in the hospital. We don't matter in each other's life at all..."

There was a subtle smile on Zed's face as he had spat everything out as easily as if he was talking about someone else's matters.

His words dizzied Jean so much that she backed up several steps until she was leaning against the wall weakly.

People gave out derisive sound and pointed fingers towards Jean.

Someone even whistled and Jean was drowned in a storm of ridicule.

Jesse who looked on coldly, burst into laughter when she saw the embarrassed look on Jean's face. It was a triumphant laughter!

"You bastard!"

Just as everyone got busy pouring out their ridicule on Jean, Moore shouted loudly and suddenly pounced on Zed.

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