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   Chapter 305 Are You Going to Reconcile To It

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8009

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Jean still believed that something was off about Moore's story. Deep down, she felt that things were not so simple as Moore assumed it to be.

In spite of this, she couldn't quite put her finger on it.

Gary enjoyed a great reputation and was treated like a God by people. 'How is it possible for him to abandon his own biological son?' thought Jean.

However, Moore was the one who witnessed all the unfairness of life. So it wasn't right for her to give her personal opinion on this matter anymore.

"I am so sorry to hear that. I didn't know things turned out like this..." His experience saddened her a great deal. She paused for a moment and sighed before she added,"Don't be too upset. Let the bygones be bygones. So far, you have lived well by yourself. Right?"

"I am not upset. Now I no longer have any feelings for him. But I won't go back there again, no matter how badly he hopes forgiveness. I don't wish to belong to that family." There was a finality in his words.

While listening to him, Jean recalled the time when Moore told her that he had been found by the Bai Family in Chicago when he was 15 years old.

Yet Moore had never gone back. Now Jean concluded that he didn't wish to ever step into that house.

If what he witnessed was true, then Jean firmly believed Moore had full rights to not forgive his father.

"Moore, choose the life you want. I will always support you." Jean walked over to him and comforted him by patting him on his shoulder.

"Thanks for understanding me. At first, I didn't want to tell you this story and create unnecessary troubles. Now I think it is best to get rid of any secrets that we have," Moore said with a sigh.

"Do you mean that I will cause you unnecessary misunderstandings and troubles?" Jean asked looking offended.

In actuality, Jean was stunned to know the sort of person Gary was from Moore's mouth.

Inside her heart, Gary always looked like a good person. But now, she felt it was her responsibility to stand on Moore's side no matter how hard she found the truth.

After all, Moore was her friend who stood with her during these hard days.

"No, you've misunderstood me," Moore started to explain,"No, no, this is a complicated story as you can see. I didn't want to burden you with it. I am afraid of coming across as the bad guy, which is why I clear all the doubts. Now you know every little detai

rs vehemently exclaimed and were excitedly engrossed in admiring Zed.

But Jean and Moore were the exceptions. The two of them were just watching with their eyes wide open, burdened with his presence.

Jean, in particular, felt agitated. At the sight of this, she clenched her fist and tightly grabbed the lower hem of her coat.

Seeing that Zed and Jesse were talking and smiling to each other so intimately like no one was around digusted Jean. The image of them on bed came back to her mind.

Trembling with rage, she tried hard to withdraw her eyes from them. She wanted to flinch backward to her ward but something stopped her.

Before Jean stepped back, Moore, who stood beside her, grabbed her arm and stopped her.

All of a sudden, Jean frowned and murmured,"Moore, I don't want to see this..."

"You must stand here and watch them boldly. You are not the guilty one, so there is no need to hide inside. Instead, they are the one without shame....." Moore's voice was neither loud nor low. It was balanced; it was neutral. In his tone, Jean sensed his earnestness and seriousness.

"No......" Jean shook her head, her face turning livid, and then she added,"I don't want to watch that. I just hope to keep myself away from all this."

"Are you jealous of them? You wouldn't have reacted so strongly if your love for him was gone. If you really love him, then you should do something to get him back." As soon as he finished his words, Moore gave Jean a small nudge.

Taken off-guard, Jean hadn't expected this push. Suddenly, she staggered and nearly fell on the ground.

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