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   Chapter 303 An Untouchable Man!

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6637

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"Why can't I stay here? I am a Chinese national too and I have a right to stay wherever I want!" Moore defiantly told Jean with a resolute expression. He knew what she was worried about.

"But, he is Gary Bai!" The statement seemed to concern Jean as her brows furrowed. "If your identity is known to the public and some devious person take advantage of that, you'll have to leave. Otherwise, Gary's men aren't going to let you stay in the city."

Moore had thought that Jean would definitely stand by Gary, especially after finding out that he was his bastard child.

It was clear to him that his so-called father was untouchable. Like a God, he ruled H City! As for his own self, he was a cowering shadow in the corner who could never be exposed to the sunshine!

But surprisingly, what Jean worried about was his own safety.

Feeling touched, he comforted her in a relaxed tone,"It's okay! Don't worry about me! I never thought of acknowledging him as my father after I found out my story. And I don't care if his people ask for trouble by making our relationship known to the public. Let them do what they want!"

Shock and disbelief could be? seen clearly in her eyes as she saw the indifference on his face. She couldn't understand why he was opting to stay in H City only, even when he wanted nothing to do with his father. Surprised, she tried to confirm,"Moore, what did you say just now? When you don't want anything to do with your father, why are you insisting on staying?"

"I..." Moore was stunned by her question, but he soon composed himself and said with a wry smile,"I remember that it was you who persuaded me and therefore, I am going to stay!"

"I... You..." Feeling a little embarrassed, Jean retorted,"As your friend, I certainly hope that you will stay here. But after knowing your history, I am afraid for your safety if you stay. Please return to Chicago. At least you'll be safe!"

"Is that what you want?" Furrowing his brows? in? displeasure, M

f with furrowed eyebrows. He still couldn't believe it and asked,"Are you sure?"

"I am sure! Just now, I saw Hanley Bai from the Bai family stop him in the corridor and Moore's true identity was exposed. Mrs. Jean also knows it now." Toby confirmed.

"How could it be?" Zed found it implausible. "Uncle Gary really has another son? Toby! I want you to set about investigating it immediately and find out the ins and outs of this matter."

"Yes, sir!" Toby hurriedly responded.

"Since Moore is a member of Bai family, there should be no trouble in the hospital. Tell the doctor that I am leaving the hospital as soon as possible." Zed made up his mind and ordered Toby.

"But Mr. Zed, the wound on your body?" Toby reminded him worriedly.

"Stop pretending. You know very well that my wounds are false." Zed seethed in ?anger?as he said and warned. "Don't tell anyone else! Or, I will send you some place for penal servitude."

"Yes sir." Zed's words constricted his heart. Toby put on a bitter smile.

He whined in his heart, 'Mr. Zed, how could you bully me like this? It's you who said that the wounds are false and I didn't say a word. But you will frighten others and arouse suspicion if you request being discharged so abruptly.'

Of course, Toby could only speak these words secretly in his heart.

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