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   Chapter 302 You Are A Bastard

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7482

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Jean walked toward Moore without hesitation. She was worried.

It was not possible for Moore to get into trouble. He was new to this place and nobody knew him.

The fact that he was in this hospital made it even harder for Jean to believe that the people around him were here for vengeance.

'It must be because of me, ' Jean thought to herself.

As this particular thought crossed her mind, she started moving towards Moore. When she was just a few steps away from them, she heard something which didn't make sense at first but then their talking made her come to a stop.

"Moore Bai, listen carefully and follow every word we say. If you get your ass out of the H City today, I will let you live."

"Do you think that we don't know why you came back? I'm telling you that the Bai Family will never accept you. You are a bastard!"

"Well, if you want to stay alive then get out of here and go back to Chicago."

The three young men surrounded Moore like wolves. They were howling at him with bitter comments. They said everything to scare Moore away, and they even threatened him.


Jean furrowed with concern. Her heart was beating quickly.

'That's why Moore reacted weirdly in the canteen, when I asked him about his parents.

This is not something new for him. He has known this for a very long time. He is not an orphan.

How can that be true?

Given the present situation, it seems that it is not the first time that these three men have come to bother Moore.

But why has Moore never mentioned anything to me?'

As Jean wandered about every possible outcome to this situation, she laughed at herself.

'Jean, who do you think you are?

Moore never told you about his true identity so why would he ever tell you that he was threatened by some men in this hospital?'

Jean gave herself a satirical smile and walked towards one of the corners of the corridor where she could hide, as well as keep her distance from the whole situation.

Moore never told her his identity, which made it clear that he was hiding it for a reason.

Therefore, it was better to not show up and embarrass him.

"You!" At that moment, the smile on Moore's face changed from gentle to cold. "Hanley Bai, do yo

him suddenly. She was dumbfounded.

"Let's go back to the room first," said Moore. Then, Moore held Jean's hand and started walking toward his room. More people started coming in through the corridor.

Jean looked pleased. She nodded and walked with Moore.

As soon as they entered the room, they closed the door. Moore took a deep breath and said,"All right, I did know about my true identity but just a little bit. When I was fifteen, the Bai family found me in Chicago and told me the truth. You must've heard about it that I am Gary Bai's bastard."

When Jean heard Hanley call Moore 'a bastard', she wanted to know which Bai family Hanley referred to.

Gary Bai was a well-known figure. This came as a surprise to Jean because she was least expecting him to be Moore's father.

Gary Bai! He was a rich and powerful man. No one was a serious rival to his power.

Although he held a high position, he never forgot his duties. He was always committed to himself and to the development of the H City.

In other words, if not for Gary Bai, the H City would not have thrived.

The real question was that 'how could Moore be Gary's bastard?'

The Bai family was nervous that if anyone found out about Moore, their family reputation will be at stake. That was why they threatened Moore to leave the H City and never come back.

Jean's face darkened with fear. She looked at Moore and asked,"You have known your identity for a long time now, so do you still wish to stay?"

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