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   Chapter 300 That Field-Playing Juggler

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 11303

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Before Jean finished her sentence, Maranda happily exclaimed with smile at once,"Jean, I knew you would forgive me." She was happy that Jean was no longer angry with her. Jean was an integral part of her life so it was really important for her to know that Jean had forgiven her.

With straight face Jean seriously said,"Don't get too excited. If you ever make this one mistake again, then no matter what you do, I won't forgive you. This forgiveness is for this time only."

Maranda cutely replied in a childish way,"I promise I won't do this again. I don't want you to be angry with me."

Jean saw that although there were tears on Maranda's face, Maranda was grinning broadly. There was some kind of childish innocence in her.

Jean couldn't help but sigh, but she was also touched by Maranda. She knew Maranda was a really emotional and affectionate person and she was capable of doing anything for the person to whom she was attached.

Jean thought to herself, 'Maranda is a simple and pure girl. She has done this because she cares about me. She was worried for me and wanted to make my life easy.

I'll just let it go. It has already happened and it's too late to stop it now.'

Maranda said,"I'm so hungry." Immediately, she was relaxed since Jean had forgiven her. She rubbed her belly, stared at Jean and said miserably,"To hold this press conference, I stayed up late yesterday to make all the preparation. I didn't even got the time to eat.Now I'm really happy for all that happened but I am also really hungry."

When Maranda was staring at Jean helplessly, Jean melted and replied,"If you are hungry, just let Ron and Calvin accompany you and eat something good. Don't stay hungry for long. It's not good for person's health."

"You don't want to go with me?" Maranda asked Jean with her eyes wide opened in surprise. She was shocked to listen that Jean was not considering herself to go with her. She was totally unable to understand the reason behind it.

"I am just injected with a saline solution and I don't want to go out immediately." She was not at all in the mood to go out. So, she made an excuse for not accompanying them. And she was hoping for them to not insist on her.

Maranda really wanted Jean to come with them as Jean was looking as if she was in an immediate need to eat something. Also if she came, it would mean that she really had forgiven her. So, she suggested without thinking,"Then I will wait until you feel hungry. And then we can go out and eat together. I am not going to leave you alone."

On hearing Maranda's words, Jean couldn't help but furrow her brow in helplessness as she didn't know how to decline her offer.

Ron was standing next to them and he was listening to all the conversation. When he saw Jean frowning, he understood that Jean didn't want to go out for meal. So he walked towards Maranda and said,"Maranda, It's okay. You came here to ask for Jean's forgiveness. And I think Jean is feeling uneasy, so you should not ask her to go out and eat with you. It would not be good for her. If you are hungry, we can take you out for dinner."

Maranda wanted to decline immediately,"No...". She was feeling restless on hearing about all this. But then she realized something, looked at Jean and asked,"Jean, you do not want to have dinner with us? Something is wrong. Is that because you haven't forgiven

her further.

After he had been that hard to her, Jean was even more reluctant to run in the same circles with him. She wanted to give him the taste of his own medicine.

However, she knew him well. These years that she spend with him were not for waste. She knew that much about him.

He didn't want to see her, but if he knew that she hadn't broken up with Maranda, Ron and Calvin, he would definitely interfere with her.

Knowing this clearly in mind, she really didn't want him to get something on her.

She had already been in so many troubles, so she had no time and energy to deal with other problems. She wanted to had peace of mind to concentrate on her health which was very crucial for her.

And there was that issue, she needed to handle with Wen Family. So, she decided to meet with Henry when Joy would not be with him and to know what Henry was thinking on earth. And what he wanted to do further to prevent his company from downfall.

After making up her mind, Jean felt a little relax and confident.

She got out of the bed lazily and realized that she was feeling hungry, so she went directly to Moore's ward. She wanted to have dinner with him as he was the only person there with whom she could felt relax.

Also purposefully, she came to Moore, because she knew that Moore was unhappy when he had left before. He was one true friend of her so she had to console him.

Jean didn't want to offend him at that time, but she had no other option other than to do something even though she didn't want to do. It was against her will and if possible she was going to explain it to Moore.

Jean knocked and opened the door, only to find that Moore was not in the room. She was quite puzzled on not finding him in his ward because he was the kind of person who mostly stays in his ward. So, she wondered, 'Did Moore go out for dinner by himself?'

She thought that he could be having dinner alone as he was angry with her, so she directly went to the canteen.

On entering into the crowded canteen, she started glancing around. After searching for quite a long time, she finally saw Moore, sitting alone at the corner table and having dinner. She felt quite relieved on finding Moore as now she could make up with him.

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