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   Chapter 299 I Hate You Both

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8998

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"I know you guys didn't mean to hurt me. Why didn't you speak to me before doing it? Some measures should be taken before doing such a thing. Now you are all involved in this dangerous situation. Don't you know that it is a quite risky thing for you to do? How can I feel peaceful after what you have done?" Jean looked at them with a worried look before she spoke earnestly.

"You don't have to worry about our safety." Maranda stretched her hands out to Jean and said,"Anyway, our biggest concern is your safety. Everything else comes second. And don't worry about us. We are all safe in our own homes, and I certainly don't think that person is capable of doing much. Jean, take it easy. You know I am not easy to mess with and no one can bully me."

Maranda spoke very highly of her strength hoping it comforted Jean.

"But you should not forget that all you did is behind your parents' back. When you are back home, they are going to be really angry. So it is rather early for you to show the air of complacency in front of me. What's more, there is another thing and it is of the most importance. Your families are powerful in H City, but none can match with Zed's family. And you are all well aware of his situation. If he is in danger then none of you are safe either. So you should not take this matter lightly,"

said Jean with a tone that defined seriousness.

Hearing her powerful words, the ward immediately fell into an awkward silence. It was so quiet that they clearly heard the sound of each others' breath.

Even Maranda, who had shown the air of complacency, lost her earlier vigor. Now there was embarrassment showcased on her beautiful face.

"But..." Minutes later, Maranda decided to break the silence because she couldn't take it anymore. "No Jean, we were present when the incident happened so it is not fair for us to hide while you are in trouble. How can we watch you bear down all the burden alone? Jean, you are my friend. Even if you were not my friend, I would still stand out to help you. This is my personality and nothing can change that."

"Maranda, I know that you have a kind heart. However, there are many things you should take into consideration. You can never do things without thinking about its consequences." Jean took a moment to stare at Maranda's face before she spoke again. "Now you got Calvin and Ron involved in this. I really don't have any idea to deal with the situation anymore. I only hope that you three will not be targeted by them," Jean said and sighed.

"Them?" This confused Maranda and she questioned Jean. "Jean, have you found any clue?"

"If I have found any clue, I will never be this anxious and worried." Fe

at each other embarrassedly. They didn't dare to laugh out this time because Maranda's feelings looked really hurt.

"You are no longer a small girl. Don't you feel shame crying in front of so many people?" After uttering these words, Jean feigned an expression of frustration.

"I don't care. I know that you are all laughing at me. You don't need to deny that." Slowly, Maranda wiped the tears off her face and again faced the two men. "I can understand why Jean doesn't forgive me. But you two are quite hateful. You guys are so useless! You can't help instead you are gloating and laughing! Ron and Calvin, I hate you both!"

Seeing Maranda's tearful face, Ron immediately frowned and he became gentle toward her before saying in a soft tone,"Don't cry anymore. It was our fault to laugh at you. We are now apologizing to you."

Hearing this, Maranda showed a content expression. Her gaze immediately shifted onto Calvin.

On receiving the gaze, Calvin knew Maranda's intention clearly. A bitter smile crept on his face. "It was my fault. I am sorry," he said while catching both his ears to prove his mistake.

"I don't need your apologies. That is not enough for me. You have to make Jean forgive me and be my friend again. Then I will forgive you both." Now that she had help, Maranda immediately acted like a queen.

Ron and Calvin looked at each other and smiled at her cuteness. Then they shifted their gaze on Jean, throwing up their hands and putting on a puppy face.

Jean saw what had happened and knew that she could not continue her pretence.

She nodded to the two men and turned to look at Maranda, who was as proud as a peacock. "Maranda, what you did embarrassed me now. But I am going to forgive you… And I am doing this only because of Ron and Calvin..."

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