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   Chapter 298 Why Do You Come Here

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6908

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Moore waited for Jean's answer with his brows furrowed.

A bitter smile entered Jean's face and she spoke,"No, I don't have any plans at the moment. I really don't understand how to adapt to these changes. I really haven't thought about any of it, not even going back to the Wen Group."

Hearing Jean's dilemma, Moore's face lit with an idea. "If you can't solve it on your own, why don't you ask Maranda for help since she is your good friend?I think she would be willing to help you. If you have anything that can't be solved, you can ask her for help,"

Moore suggested.

Listening to his suggestion, Jean smiled. She was moved by the extent of his concern.

But his suggestions weren't of much use to her because she didn't want to trouble Maranda. She knew Maranda was a good friend but she wouldn't ask her for help until it was an emergency.

After all, the Qin was a wealthy and influential family. The last thing Jean wanted was to get Maranda involved in this mess.

Detecting Jean's expression, Moore realized she wasn't going to use his suggestion. "You should have a good rest now. I'm going back to the ward," he said.

At first, Jean opened her mouth to say something but stopped knowing her words would hurt him even more.

Therefore, she ended up nodding. She walked with Moore outside the ward and spoke in a quiet tone,"Moore, I have no words to express my gratitude to you. I know that you worry about me a lot. You can rest assured that I will take good care of myself."

Listening to Jean speak, Moore looked up. "I hope I am not bothering you by interfering in your personal matter," said Moore.

"Stop it! No, you are not!" Jean replied defensively. She was appalled by Moore's thoughts.

In actuality, Moore wanted to say something more but looking at Jean's smiling face stopped him. He dropped the subject immediately.

Both of them looked at each other and smiled one last time before Moore returned to his ward.

Once Moore left, Jean went back to her bed and sat down thinking about her problems.

Soon after,

ess conference, I came here to ask for forgiveness. Jean, could you tell me what I should do to stop you from being angry? I'm willing to do anything without hesitation."

"Yeah! Jean, don't be angry. We are all sorry about acting on our own. We shouldn't have called this press conference without your consent."Now Ron and Calvin entered the room. The three of them stood before Jean, asking for forgiveness.

"Maranda Qin and Ron Qi, you both conspired against me together, right? How could you do this!"

The room echoed Jean's voice and the three of them stood stock still for a while.

"Jean, don't be too angry," This incident does not just result from you. We three also have the responsibility to deal with it."

"Calvin Li, now you are taking their side too?" Hearing that, Jean immediately widened her eyes and looked at Calvin feeling like an outcast.

"I am just telling the truth," Calvin explained to Jean with a smile. "If we don't take the initiative to clarify the incident, the result will be very severe. We all know that Mr. Qi was hit by someone this morning and now he is in hospital. Clarifying is important or else things will get worse," Ron said slowly in a soothing tone.

Hearing that, Jean took a moment and tried to calm herself. Even if she was still angry, she clearly knew that they meant no harm.

Yet she felt uneasy inside.

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