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   Chapter 297 Who Cares

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 11073

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She pushed the door abruptly and went in. After she saw Henry still lying there in coma on the bed, secretly she felt relieved in her heart.

However, she was still a little worried. That bitch Jean, even she had started to threaten her. How that could happen?

'Who cares?

She is like a turtle on its own back who could not even save herself. How dare she poke her nose into other's business? She is becoming too bold nowadays.

She should better quit the idea of getting a dime from Wen Group. It's not gonna happen, not even in her dreams.'

Jean returned to the ward, thinking of the highlights of the episode that happened just now, with a peaceful smile on her face. Things that had happened brought her some relief.

Since Henry had woken up, she no longer have to worry about the business of the Wen family. Wen family's business was not going to get harm from all those troublemakers and this had made Jean a lot satisfied.

But she was not sure that after coming out from coma if Henry was still smart enough as before. Besides, he just regained consciousness, so his body might not be able to sustain too much pressure and stress.

If she was Henry, after hearing about Joy's heartless words, she wouldn't choose to confront with her for the time being. She would try to get herself fully recover first, then would like to handle other people.

Jean thought that correct timing was critical for the desired result. If thing happens at right time you could expect to get good result.

"How is it going?" Moore's worried voice brought Jean back from her contemplation. She was shocked to hear the familiar voice.

"It's okay now. He is fine." Jean looked at Moore with a relaxed expression. It was a great satisfaction for her that Henry had recovered from his coma and she was happy to tell it to Moore.

"What do you mean by 'it is okay'?" Moore walked in slowly towards Jean. Seeing Jean smiling at him, his heart missed a beat. It was after a long time that he had seen such a relieved smile on Jean's face. Delight grew on his face and he said,"Do you mean Henry has woken up?"

Jean nodded with admiration to Moore,"You guessed it right!"

"How could it even be possible? How long you have been there? He had been in coma for so long. Even the doctors couldn't guarantee that he could wake up. So how do you know?" Moore asked while looking at her astonishedly. He was surprised to know about that piece of information. Henry was in coma and no one could be sure when he was going to come out it, so getting to know that he had revived was just like hearing about a miracle.

"I know Henry well. The last thing he would give to anyone is the Wen Group. A few right words said to hit him where it hurts and as a consequence it was a surety that he would definitely wake up." Jean explained it lightly to Moore. She explained it all to him in detail.

Hearing her explanation and realizing the importance, Moore remained silent, listening intently. He watched Jean with empathy because of the trouble she was going through due to her family.

Earlier, he was curious about what Jean's life was in the past. How she came out to be the person she was now? But now from the attitude Joy or Shirley or Winner had towards her, he could infer how Henry treated her all over her li

hose words with a smile on his face.

"Of course I don't mean that!" Jean was shocked to find out that Moore misunderstood her intentions. She explained hurriedly,"I am so happy that you can be with me. I really am. But don't forget that you are a seriously injured patient yourself. How can I ask you to come to see me all the time? It's not right. You should be resting. Otherwise, it will take toll on your health. I hope for you to be treated well and get better as soon as possible, so that if anybody bullies me outside the hospital, you can help me."

"Jean, speaking of which, why can't you go to live in my house temporarily after you move out of hospital?" Moore took the chance to ask the question. "Since we are friends, why do you hesitate on this issue? I just came to this place where I am no longer afraid of gossip. You are not that kind of girl that is afraid of gossip either, or you wouldn't take the risk to go back to Wen Group. I don't mean anything else. I just think that you should think about the real situation. The fact is neither of us has much money. So, we are not left with that much of options. I only want to help you and make your life easy. Please consider about my offer."

Moore said seriously, hoping Jean could see the grim reality in front of them. He deeply wanted Jean to move to his house because as much he knew she didn't have much of an option with her.

"Moore, I really can't live in your place." Jean couldn't tell Moore about Zed's capricious personality and what he could do because of his temper, so she just sighed and said,"Please don't worry about me, okay? I will take care of this myself. And I will find some place to stay."

Seeing Jean's persistence on this issue, Moore sighed and said,"Okay, do as you like. I see I can't convince you."

He offered this out of good will. He thought he could take care of Jean after getting out of hospital, as she was seriously ill and he wanted her to be back to good health.

However, she didn't accept his offer both times he mentioned of this. He felt disappointed and sad at heart.

Thus, he decided not to suggest it again. He didn't want to be hurt again.

"Do you have any plan already?"

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