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   Chapter 296 The Open Door Confrontation

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8799

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Jean finished speaking and gave her father a deep, scrutinizing look.

Henry was a little shocked at her words. His expression was complicated and it seemed like he was trying to say something to her.

However, he had just woken up from a coma and was still quite weak. Right now, speaking would have taken more effort than he could muster.

So, he merely nodded with a stiff expression.

Seeing him reply in affirmative, Jean smiled at once.

She didn't want to waste any more time on her cruel father. Then she turned around and walked towards the door without looking back.

Henry was somewhat shameless, but he was still smart.

Jean knew that he had taken her words into his mind today.

To be honest, it didn't matter to her whether he kept her words in mind or not. She had just wanted to pull him out of the coma with these words.

She knew that the Wen Group was as important as Henry Wen's life, so she had deliberately mentioned it to him, as a last resort to wake him up.

And as it turned out, she was right. Henry actually woke up soon after he heard her.

With him finally awake, her task was now over. What he would do next was none of her business.

And anyway, if Jean's stepmother Joy and her sister Shirley had any ulterior motives which Henry knew about, their lives would not be easy from now on.

But as soon as Jean left the ward, she saw Joy and Shirley coming back hand in hand, talking and laughing. They looked so happy as if they had already forgotten that Henry was still in a deep coma and this close to dying.

Seeing her come out of the ward, their faces clouded over at once.

"Jean, why are you here?" Shirley asked, while studying her warily.

"Didn't you and your mother say that you couldn't afford dad's medical bills so he would be driven out of the hospital soon? I was afraid I won't be able to see him again so I came as soon as I could." Jean's face showed a calm expression, but her tone was ironic.

"Didn't you say that anything related to Wen family was none of your concern?" Joy looked at her suspiciously. "Are you here to laugh at us now? Jean, you'd better stop pretending. I know your intentions are nothing shy of evil."

'Congratulations on your guess! I came to talk to Henry just to stop you two from ignoring his life and thinking about nothing but how to take the Wen Group away.

It's high time he saw your true selves!'

Jean sneered and retorted,"Even if I have any malice, it's nothing compared to you two. I heard you don't want Henry to continue receiving medical treatment? Right? He is still alive! Are you still hoping he would die

culty getting about and could not continue to run the Wen Group. It was hard to guarantee that Joy and Shirley wouldn't take advantage of this opportunity to seize power. After all, they could do anything for their own benefit.

Jean could not help sighing. Her own life was already a mess right now, but she still went to solicit such trouble for herself. She really didn't know what she was thinking about. But in any case, Henry was her father, and her mother was one of the founders of the Wen Group. She could just take it as a payback to Henry's upbringing of her. From then on, they did not owe each other anymore.

On seeing Jean go away, Joy and Shirley looked terrible.

"Mom, what should I do? If Jean comes back to the Wen Group, will those shareholders still support me as CEO?" Shirley asked with a worried face.

Joy's eyebrows wrinkled tightly and looked in the direction Jean was leaving. She said in bewilderment,"That's queer indeed! Why is this disgusting girl suddenly so interested in the Wen Group? Has she really heard something about our plan? Otherwise, she never messed with us before, did she? What's going on now?"

"Mom, no matter what Jean thinks, what about my business? You have to help me figure out a way first! As soon as I saw her complacent look, I panicked. What if she really went ahead and competed for the position of CEO with me?"

Shirley pouted her mouth and said angrily.

"It's no use worrying now. Didn't you tell me before that someone in Ron's family would help you out? Don't worry! As long as he supports you, there will be no big problem."

Joy was going to push the door open as she spoke. Only then did she realize that the door was unclosed. Suddenly, a bad feeling rose in her heart.

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