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   Chapter 292 Shameless One

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6665

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Joy and Shirley rushed into the ward with furious looks on their faces.

"What are you doing here?" Jean questioned with displeasure evident on her face. "This is my ward. I don't want to see you two, please get out."

"Get out? Jean Wen, why are you so stone-hearted? Your father is about to be asked to leave the hospital because we can't afford the medical fee. You not only refused to pay him a visit, now you won't even let us ask you for a favor! Let me be straight with you, I won't leave here unless you hand out the money to cover your father's medical fee......"

said Joy, rude and unreasonable.

"What are you talking about?" Finding the words hard to swallow, Jean thought she heard it wrong.

Moore frowned. He looked at Joy's face angrily.

'How can someone be so shameless?

Days before, Joy humiliated Jean in public and now she has the audacity to ask for money? That is so out of the line!'

"Jean, don't pretend that you didn't hear what we are saying. We can't afford the medical fee. If there is still some conscience left in you, please help us cover this. This is no big deal for you, besides, Zed......"

Shirley came to Joy's help and added.

"I don't have any money!" Jean refused to cave in and stopped them from speaking.

"I don't believe it. Why will you resign if you don't have any money? Why are you staying in the hospital if you are out of money? I mean look at you, you look healthy to us!" These questions felt like a tight slap to Jean.

"I said that I don't have any money and I mean it!" Jean's eyes got red. She yelled at Joy and her fists clenched.

Seeing this fury, Joy was startled and her face got pale.

"Jean, don't you act poor in front of us. You withdrew ten thousand cash using the black card at the ATM. Do you really think we believe that you don't have any money?" This question was asked by Shirley who was furious at Jean for not giving them any money.

Jean turned to Shirley and glared straight into her eyes.

at Jean worriedly and realized he had never seen her in this state before.

Joy and Shirley looked at each other, puzzled, with shock written all over their faces.

The passion with which Jean spoke left them stunned.

"Did Zed, really take back the black card?" Joy still insisted with disbelief.

"Why would I lie to you?" Jean's eyes got red and she was very tired from all the high-pitched speaking.

But Joy assumed Jean's eyes turned red because Joy still showed signs of disbelief.

She knew better than anyone how stubborn Jean could get.

And she was affirmative that stubbornness was what made her life miserable.

"What does he mean, this bastard?" Joy started cursing," At least you are still his wife. How can he treat you like this? That's so cruel and cold-blooded."

Now it was Jean's turn to look stupefied. She looked at Joy in surprise finding it hard to believe the words actually came from her.

She never thought Joy would say something in her favor.

In her mind, Joy had never cared for her.

'What is going on today?

Has she really changed?' Jean's thoughts took a different direction.

"Jean! I'm not blaming you, but if Zed is being this cruel then you must have done something wrong. Maybe it's the video and the rumors. A man will certainly mind if it's about his wife."

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