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   Chapter 291 Something Must Have Happened

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7840

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Zed now thinks I am the one who doesn't believe his brotherly relationship with Jesse.

How ridiculous it is! I saw them in bed with my two eyes! If this isn't adultery, then I don't know what is.'

These thoughts were going on inside her head, but she worried to say it out loud to Moore. She didn't want Moore to be burdened with her problems.

So, the whole ward was full of silence and no one dared to break it.

After a while, with a bitter smile on her face, Jean confessed," Moore, I am not as good as what you imagine."

Hearing this, Moore didn't deny nor retort her. Anyway, he already had his own answer in his heart.

He felt it unnecessary to argue with Jean.

"Since he is unwilling to divorce you, what do you intend to do?Will you still go back to his house after being discharged from the hospital?" asked Moore, concernedly.

From what he knew of Jean, she must have made some decisions in her mind since the moment she planned for divorce.

Otherwise, it was impossible for her to ask for a divorce to Zed at this crucial time.

Her health deteriorated in such a manner that she fainted and got hospitalized. Under the circumstance, it wouldn't be wise to take quick decisions.

Yesterday, he comforted himself saying things may not be as bad as Jean told him. In fact, he assumed Zed must have been too busy to visit Jean in the hospital.

But today, Zed himself was in the hospital.

Yet Jean was the one who took the initiative to see him.

Moore ascertained that something awful must have happened between these two.

Though he had no idea of how Jean got along with Zed before, he knew it couldn't have been this bad then.

Or Jean wouldn't have tolerated him for such a long time.

"No, I definitely won't go back there." Jean shook her head without hesitation," I intend to move out and find a house to live alone, no matter how small the house will be."

Saying that, Jean couldn't help but touch the envelope Zed gave to her earlier.

This plan to find a new place was also the reason why she took the envelope earlier.

She had been determined to never set her foot in the place where Jesse was present having her affair with Zed.

Even though she didn't know what to do later, she was firm about this.

Moore was not surprised at all hearing Jean's answer. This was something he

company saddened Jean even more. She felt a piercing pain in her heart.

She still remembered how excited and hopeful she got over the news that Zed was about to be a shareholder of the company.

'What about now?' she questioned her heart.

She felt nothing and felt foolish about her own stupidity.

Since she had made up her mind about not going back to Qi family, she thought it wouldn't be right to work for them either.

Knowing John's affection to her, she felt more determined to leave the company.

Though she had verbally promised John that she would treat him like a friend, she still felt it a little weird to stay in the same company.

"That's good! Jean, you are awesome and I didn't know that you are so talented." With all the troubles in Jean's life, Moore and Jean never had the opportunity to talk about things like their passion.

"I am going to quit my job!" Jean told Moore which stopped him mid-way. His smile turned into a frown.

Actually, she loved her job and this decision was so hard for her. The thought of leaving Maranda's companionship saddened her.

However, she thought it was the right thing to do and her life didn't have much time for enjoyment anymore.

"Quit? Why?" Moore couldn't understand why she had such a thought.

"Jean, what did you say? You want to quit?"

Before Jean could reply Moore, a high-pitched voice spoke from behind and then the door of the ward was pushed open with a force.

Stunned, Jean and Moore turned their head to look at the door and their faces darkened immediately.

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