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   Chapter 290 Am I Too Selfish

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6969

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Zed had already expected that Jesse would come in, so he stared at her with a poker face and spoke," I am tired..."

His voice was full of impatience and coldness."Zed, tell me what Jean came to see you for? After all, I brought her in and I will feel uneasy if I don't get things clear, especially after I saw her threaten you arrogantly..."

'Do you also know that Jean came here because of you?'

Zed sneered in his heart, 'If you hadn't make trouble, I wouldn't have felt so embarrassed just now.'

It was also because of Jesse that Jean hated Zed more and he knew it.

Thinking of this, Zed felt a sharp headache.

He contemplated and understood that it would take him a lot of effort to gain Jean's love.

On the other hand, Jesse was startled to notice Zed completely forgot her presence in the room.

'Did Jean do something to anger Zed?'

"Zed, I am sorry, I didn't mean it!I shouldn't have let her come in. I am so sorry. I will never let her in again!"apologized Jesse, as she looked at Zed, feeling self-condemned and uneasy.

"Forget it! It's not your fault." Zed heaved a long sigh," She wanted a divorce and I didn't agree."

"Zed, why didn't you agree?" The mention of divorce made Jesse happy, but Zed's reply to it brought shock.

"Do you think it's the right time to agree ..." Zed didn't speak more but looked at Jesse and frowned.

"I got it!" Jesse interrupted furiously," I didn't expect that Jean was such a woman, who would distance herself with you after seeing that your company is in trouble and knowing that video was made against you. What a scheming woman she is!"

"What did you say just now? Jean knows that the video is made to exploit me?" asked Zed, with a tinge of surprise.

Realizing her mistake, Jesse opened her eyes wide and hastily added," Anyone with a brain can know that. I went to see her yesterday and saw Maranda and Ron in her ward. It is well-known in Imperial Capital that Ron is a very cunning man."

"Why didn't I know that you went to spy Jean yesterday? What did you aim to find out?" Completely perplex

oked at Jean. He knew Jean was going to kill him for voicing out this opinion, but he didn't care.

"What did you say?" asked Jean with bulging eyes. She had the I-am-going-to-kill-you-look on her face.

"No man can divorce you under this circumstance. Even if he hates you to the bone, he will have to maintain this marriage. If he divorces you, his fame and reputation along with his career can go down the drain. You know Zed very well. He is such a shrewd and sharp-sighted man. How can he agree your request?"

Moore explained to her patiently.

His words quieted Jean down and she had to admit what Moore said was absolutely right.

She always considered things from her own perspective and never considered Zed's.

Now she thought and realized that Zed had all the important things at stake, and pushing him any further would kill his career.

"Moore, am I very selfish?" This question was put forward by Jean in a guilty voice.

"You are a kind-hearted woman. You are tormented with remorse for giving others an opportunity to go against Zed.You want to help Zed out of it and don't want to incriminate him, which is why you thought of divorcing him." Moore sighed.

'No, Moore.

I am not as great as you think and what you just said is part of the reason.

But the true reason is that I've given up on him after I found the relationship between him and Jesse.

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