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   Chapter 289 I Shouldn’t Have Married You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9219

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"I did not want you to come to the hospital and meet me. Have you wondered why I did not tell you about my hospitalisation?" Zed asked. Jean's insistence on taking a divorce had caused an emotional upheaval in him.

"Why?" Jean was stunned with all the things that Zed was saying. She was curious to know why he didn't want her to come see him.

"It was because I was upset about how you lied to me. You swore to me that you were with Maranda only. And yet, in that video from that night, I saw you being intimate with some guy called Calvin. You know very well that I dislike you being friends with other men or even going out with other men. And here, you were being intimate with another man. And now, I come to know that you not only cheat on me but also don't trust me. Yesterday morning, you saw me sleeping on the same bed with Jesse and you thought I was having an illicit affair with her, didn't you?" Zed glared at Jean fiercely.

" didn't. The video was edited..." She tried to talk to Zed and offer an explanation about the video to him. But seeing how he was so angry and so fierce, she did not know how to say it.

And then, she realized it. She knew that no matter what explanations she offered, Zed was not going to believe her.

She decided to not say anything. She knew that it was all going to fall on deaf ears and she did not want to worsen the situation further. She decided that she had to move on.

She finally heaved a sigh of disappointment and said," Okay, Zed, you know what. I give up. Everything you say is correct. I don't want to defend myself."

"Oh, really?" he sneered. "So now that you cannot cover up all the lies that you have told me, you are telling me this?" "Jean, I swear I never knew you were such a characterless woman. Had I known you were like this, I would have never..."

Before he could finish that sentence, he noticed how sad and distraught Jean looked. But he said it anyway in a low voice," ...married you."

In his mind, Zed was constantly apologizing to her. 'Jean I am sorry. Right now, I have to be rude and merciless. That is the only way to keep you away from me.'

Jean, on the other hand, gave a dry laugh and said," You regret marrying me and yet you don't want to divorce me. Isn't it rather ironic?" She continued, sarcastically," Since you no longer want to be married to me and you wish that you never were, don't you think it is best if we just end this? Tell me the truth." She was now serious and added," You don't want to end this marriage just because you are bothered about your ego. Right?"

She stared at him coldly, her gaze steely. She had been very disappointed with everything that he had been doing to her recently.

Jean's heart felt stone cold, as i

noticed that Jean was dressed in loose, shabby clothes. Her clothes hung on to her, and she had gotten a lot thinner and weaker. This made him very, very sad.

He could not help but wonder what was wrong with her.

She had been in the hospital for two whole days under medical care. But still, she looked weak and feeble.

Zed could not understand, so he decided to consult with Eilan and ask him about Jean's medical condition.

As Jean exited the ward, Jesse, who was standing outside the whole time, ran towards her. She had been curious all this while. She said," So Jean, what did you talk about?"

Jean plainly replied," You should not ask me about this. It is private." Jesse kept questioning her, but Jean just didn't have the heart to reply. She kept walking ahead, ignoring her.

Jean thought that Jesse's behaviour was completely off the course. She wasn't even very close to her. And what happened between her and Zed was not Jesse's business at all.

"Jean, you know I'm just concerned..." Jesse was annoyed at Jean's complete lack of interest in talking to her.

She was also embarrassed because Terry and Gregory, the two bodyguards, were watching.

She thought that Jean should have been polite at least to her.

"Thank you for your concern, Jesse. But I don't want to discuss it. Plus, it is my business and I don't think you need to know." Saying this, Jean simply headed towards her own ward.

Jesse was extremely angry. She turned away, started walking towards Zed's ward and pushed the door open. As soon as she was inside, she masked her anger with a sweet smile.

"Zed, my brother..." She put on her best smile and said in the sweetest tone she could.

Her voice was so sweet and fake that even the bodyguards turned to look inside. They had goosebumps at how Jesse's tone changed suddenly.

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