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   Chapter 288 We Should Divorce

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10799

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Zed had clearly informed his bodyguards, Gregory and Terry, to stop Jean if she ever tried to enter the room or see him. But Jesse herself led her to him.

This made him very angry. He had never expected Jesse to take Jean's side.

He knew Jesse very well. She was stubborn and could be irrational at times. So he didn't even try to argue with her on this.

But Zed did not want to talk to Jean either. He feared the confrontation.

He was scared because he knew what she was going to say to him. She was standing right in front of him and was ready to tell him the decision she had made.

Zed just could not explain to Jean why he was refusing to see her all this time.

But he knew Jean. And he knew what she had come to tell him, even before she had entered the room.

The truth was, that Zed loved her. With all his might, he loved Jean and so he was scared of what she was going to say next.

In this whole situation, it was just Jesse who didn't know anything. And she was sitting in front of Zed, pleading with him to talk to Jean just once. He knew he could not refuse for too long. So finally, Zed said," Jesse, could you please leave us alone for sometime? I'll speak to Jean."

"Oh, but why?" Jesse was taken aback. She hadn't expected this. In fact she led Jean to Zed only because she wanted to be a part of this conversation.

She was so overwhelmed at Zed's reaction that even if she tried to say something, she could not muster the words.

She could not believe that Zed wanted a word with Jean privately.

"Just please give us a moment Jesse," said Zed. He did not offer any explanations to her. He knew that she could not argue with him on this at all.

Unwillingly, Jesse got up and went out of the room.

She glared at Jean angrily and hoped that she could say something to change Zed's mind and let her sit. But she knew it wasn't going to happen.

After Jesse left, both Jean and Zed became very awkward. The atmosphere was tense as they were together alone.

Zed turned to his laptop and started working, ignoring her completely. Jean sat there awkwardly, while Zed behaved like she didn't exist.

After he was done, Zed looked up slowly to see Jean waiting for him to finish, patiently.

The moment Zed looked at her, Jean felt her heart skip a beat. She felt her breathing fasten and did not know what to do.

She breathed in and calmed herself down. She put on a straight face, not wanting to show him her true feelings. She composed herself and asked him," Zed, why did you go to The Pearl Hotel this morning?"

Zed was stumped. Jean had cleverly asked him a question that would reveal his true feelings about her. Zed could not answer it. The truth was, that he still cared for her. He had gone there because of her. He couldn't let her know he had come here last night to see her.

He was worried that Jean didn't have any bodyguards and could be in danger.

He had ordered Toby, one bodyguard, to stay on her trail and keep an eye on her at all times. Toby was always there, on his orders.

So when Zed left the hospital this morning, without any bodyguards by his side, he had become vulnerable to attack.

He responded coldly," You have no right to ask me any

estion..." Zed said. He looked at Jean and continued," you remember my response every time when you mentioned divorce? I can help you remember, if you are not being able to recall it. I had said I will not let that happen. I will not divorce you, until and unless I want to."

Jean could feel the anger radiating from Zed, as he spoke. Jean was scared of him now. But she put on a brave face and simply said," Zed, there is nothing left between us anymore."

Jean just could not understand why Zed still wanted to continue this relationship even when there was no love or meaning left in it anymore.

"Nothing?" Zed replied, in a menacing tone," Jean, you seem to be forgetting a lot of things." He wanted to tell her," Jean, you own me" but he couldn't say it. So he just made a dissatisfied noise."You need to take responsibility for the video incident. It is because of that video, that someone is after me now. You see how it has affected me. I got hurt because of it. Everyone knows that you have been fooling around behind my back, getting another man to please you. Everyone has seen it. Do you really think that you should leave me at such a time? When I am in such danger? Do you want everyone to say that you put me in danger and then left me?

In fact, why didn't we ever talk about this affair of yours? Tell me Jean, how could you flirt with another man when we are still married?" Zed was trying every possible way to keep her from danger and yet not leave her.

He knew that Jean was too naive to know what was happening around her.

Zed was hoping to show her, make her realize that she is being watched.

"Zed, please don't say such things. You know I am not that kind of a person. I don't leave people when they are in trouble or danger. We both know that there is a problem in our relationship. I wasn't even the first person to know about your accident. How is it normal for a couple to keep distance from each other like this? I haven't been in your life since a very long time. I don't think we're even a couple anymore, owing to all this distance." Jean was frank and blunt when she expressed how she really felt.

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