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   Chapter 287 Why You Brought Her Here

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10229

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The brawny, strong bodyguards were perplexed. They weren't prepared for a situation like this and looked at one another with confusion. Finally, one of them spoke," Ms. Tang, we will gladly let you go inside. But we can only allow you and nobody else to enter the hospital room." He continued, respectfully," Mr. Zed has said that no outsider should be allowed to enter. We request you to not make things difficult for us, Ms. Tang. This is our job."

Hearing what the bodyguard had said, Jessce's face lit up. She knew it was affecting Jean and she gave a faint smile. But soon she realized the repercussions and wiped the smile off her face, as if hiding something.

Jean on the other hand, was turning pale.

She was mentally prepared for this and knew that she would have a hard time trying to visit Zed.

But she never thought that she'd never even get past the entrance like this.

That too by Zed's bodyguards of all the people.

"How dare you speak to her like that! Don't you know who she is?" Jesse barked at the bodyguards angrily. She continued," She isn't an outsider, she is Mr. Qi, Zed's wife! Now open the door at once." Her eyes shone with happiness at what the bodyguard had said earlier but her voice displayed anger.

She continued," And even if you don't know who she is, you know me, right?

How can you stop me from bringing someone inside!" This time, there was genuine anger in her voice.

"But Ms. Tang..." The two men were trying to find words to appease the angry woman, but Jesse simply waved her hand, signalling them to say nothing more.

"Just cut the crap and open the door for me. I take full guarantee of my guest here." This time Jesse spoke in a genuinely serious tone.

Hearing Jesse speak, Jean realized that this was Jesse's intention all along. Jesse brought Jean here to make Jean realize just one thing.

Jesse wanted to show Jean how powerful she was at this moment and how important she was right now.

Jesse knew that inspite of the fact that Jean would not be allowed to enter the ward, Jesse still brought Jean here so she could use her powers to show off.

Jean knew that Jesse was only using the opportunity to lord over her and insult her.

And Jesse succeeded in doing so also!

But Jean knew, as long as Zed cared about her still, all this nonsense with Jesse would not matter at all.

In a way, Jean even felt that she deserved this.

She made up her mind and swore to herself that this was the last time.

Meanwhile, the two bodyguards, having been schooled by Jesse, had no choice but to open the door and let them both in.

One of them even looked at Jean as though feeling guilty for his actions. He gave her an apologetic smile as he let her in.

They were feeling bad about not knowing that Jean was Zed's wife. Had they known it before, they wouldn't have stopped her from entering.

But, it was Mr. Zed, who had specifically asked them to not let Jean in.

The bodyguards had no idea what was going on between them. They couldn't understand why Mr. Zed didn't w

angry because of her extra marital flings with other men.

Oh, Jean Wen, this is completely your fault. You only have yourself to blame for ruining everything.'

Jesse's glee knew no bounds, as she was thinking all of these things. Suddenly, she was brought back to reality by the sound of Jean's voice. "Zed, I want to talk to you."

"We have nothing to talk about." Zed replied, coldly, a tinge of sadness evident in his voice. He barely even looked at her as he spoke.

Jean said," We have to sort our problems out. I think it is time, we talk and clear this mess." There was a little desperation in her voice. "I will not move from here and I will wait until you are ready to speak to me again. But I have to talk to you and figure this out right now," she said firmly. "I understand that you don't want to talk to me. I'm sure you don't even want to see me right now. But hear me out. Once I've said what I want to, I promise I'll leave immediately."

Jean was now firm, her face determined.

But Zed was not to be persuaded so easily. "I don't want to talk to you." He replied, glaring at Jean with hatred. "Do you not understand? I just don't want to talk."

Still firm, but calm Jean replied," I still stand my ground. I insist we sort this out." Jean pulled a chair for herself and sat down. Her face was serious and her voice was firm. She looked like she meant business and she wasn't going to budge until she had spoken to Zed.

"You..." Zed started to say, but stopped midway. Zed's face suddenly turned pale, as his anger was replaced with surprise. He had not expected Jean to be so stubborn. "I don't care what you do. All you efforts are going to be futile. I simply don't want to talk to you. I suggest you just go away. Go, before I have you thrown out. Because if I do that, it will be very embarrassing for you," said Zed.

"Look Zed, Jean really wants to talk to you. Why don't you just hear her out once?" This time, it was Jesse's voice. Seeing how tensed the situation had gotten, she intervened.

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