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   Chapter 286 I Want To Meet Him

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Jean looked at the picture once again. Zed was lying unconscious, bruises on his hands and face. His arms and legs were tightly wound with bandages.

Zed was hurt. It didn't look fatal though.

"What happened?" asked Jean again. Jean was shock. She wanted Jesse to tell her everything.

She suddenly recollected, the Pearl Hotel was nearby.

However, what she couldn't figure out was what Zed was doing, near the hospital at such early hours of the morning.

Jesse broke her thoughts as she said," The driver who hit him was drunk at that time. The police interrogated him but he kept crying. It looks like an accident right now at least." Even as Jesse said the words, she knew that even she herself didn't completely believe that.

In fact, nobody thought it was an accident. There were a lot of people who believed that this was an attempt at premeditated murder.

The thought of it also frightened Jesse so much, she trembled a little.

Those men out there, were just waiting to get their hands on them.

And she knew that they were the same people who...

...were after the video that was uploaded.

But then Jean realized it too, that it didn't matter what Zed was doing out there at that unearthly hour. This looked like an attempt to kill him for sure."Where is Zed now?" she enquired.

"He is here in this very same hospital. That's the reason I am here." Jesse answered, her voice arrogant and angry.

Jean couldn't quite understand the anger. "You said you waited for me for a long time, several hours almost?"

"Yes." said Jesse. "I want to know what you think of my proposition, the one I put forth yesterday. We need to fight back together, before they can hurt us," Jesse said to her.

That was why she had even bothered to show up today.

She was extremely terrified, when she saw Zed lying, all bruised and hurt.

She wanted Jean to change her mind. Even if it meant having to listen to her taunts, she wanted to do this out of fear for her own life.

Even Jean felt scared. She knew that they were in real danger, especially after Zed's accident.

She realized that had she not known about this incident, she would have definitely gone out and gotten hurt, most certainly.

I must be more cautious and careful now, thought Jean.

Coming back to the present Jean looked at Jesse. "I told you I wasn't interested yesterday and my answer isn't going to change today either." Jean sighed, as she said this

od it very well. Zed's obsession towards work was not unknown to her.

Jean was glad actually, that Zed was resting. She knew how the incident must have shocked him and not let him sleep a single wink out of worry.

Jean wondered, though, where Zed had been the day he was knocked down at the Pearl Hotel and what he was doing there.

The hotel was in the downtown, where Zed never had any houses or any business. Why was he there then?

In fact Zed was so neurotic about time that he wouldn't even waste time to travel from his office to the downtown. if needed, he would just take a nap in the office rather than leave it.

There must have been another reason for Zed to go downtown, she wondered.

She was thinking whether he was there on business. But she knew that if it was regarding work, no colleague would have spent the night working away with him.

They soon took a sharp turn and arrived at the VIP area of the hospital, where Zed was admitted.

Jean had not gotten all her answers yet. Things would be so much clearer after she met Zed.

Jesse saw the two strong, brawny bodyguards standing outside Zed's room.

The bodyguards immediately parted, on seeing her. They were showing utmost respect and were very polite.

But the moment they laid their eyes on Jean, they suddenly became very alert. It was as if they didn't want to let her go inside to see him.

This broke Jean's heart a little. The bodyguards' respect towards Jesse and their display of hesitance towards her made her feel as if Jesse was closer to Zed than she was, right now.

"Please open the door." Jesse ordered the bodyguards.

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