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   Chapter 285 You Are Totally Shameless

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10026

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By the time they reached the hospital, they both were completely out of breath. Too tired to say anything and still worried, Moore looked at Jean. An agonised expression clouded his face but he couldn't speak anything.

"What happened?" Jean was panting and puffing, trying to catch her breath.

"I...actually, ...I saw several suspicious men following us. I think I heard someone say your name..." Moore told Jean this while he himself tried to catch his breath.

"What do you mean? How is that even possible? Are you sure it wasn't your mind playing tricks on you out of fear? And even if you are right, think logically - why would they follow us? What would they want to do to us? I don't think they want to hurt me or kill me. I haven't done anything worth being hunted for. No stealing or robbing..."

But before Jean could continue, Moore intervened.

"What if they were people who were upset with Zed or whom Zed had offended? What if these people that Zed had offended in the past want revenge from him? And what if they take it out on you and kidnap you instead? They must have done this to put the Qi Group in trouble." Moore's face hardened, a deep frown on his forehead.

"If they wanted to kill me or hurt me, they'd have done so. But they were just following us. What does that mean?" Initially anxious, Jean suddenly thought of something and a smile appeared on her lips. She looked at Moore.

"I think I know why! Just the video isn't enough evidence to bring down Zed's company. They need something concrete. So until the wirepuller is found and until the Qi group is besieged, they are sure to attack you - even for the second time.And what do you think they will do, to your paralysed body lying contorted? The scarier part in fact is that we don't even know whether they will take your life or do something more unthinkable to you." Moore said this with a lot of seriousness but he was aware this might scare her. So he was gentle and comforting.

"You're behaving like Toby, Moore! Just like Toby, you also like to go to the root of the issue. What does that even mean? Did you say that on purpose?" Jean didn't know how to answer that. It suddenly made her strangely uncomfortable.

"If what I am saying is sounding like a threat to you, then I'd like to say it much more strongly. I hope it is going to make you more cautious," said Moore. He continued," Jean, understand that men like Toby never say things without meaning them. If he has asked you to be careful, that means you are indeed in danger. Don't take it lightly. Keeping that in mind, and just don't leave the hospital alone even once. I will follow you everywhere, and let me protect you." Moore was dead serious when he said all this. And he meant every word of it.

"Oh my god, Moore. Are you alright? What has gotten into you?" A few moments passed and Jean frowned. She didn't like all the tension between them right now. So she said," Look Moore, I get what you are saying. I am not taking anythi

r face," fumed Jean. She pointed towards the door, signalling Jesse to leave. She wasn't going to stand around and take Jesse's nonsense anymore.

Not to be deterred, Jesse said," You are going to pay a heavy price for the way you have behaved with me today. Jean, you just wait and watch. I had come here to tell you, just so you know, your loving husband and my dear brother Zed, is currently in this hospital, lying unconscious. And look at you. This behaviour, you silly obnoxious woman."

In that moment, Jean forgot about everything else. She cried," What! What are you talking about?" She walked towards Jesse who was now near the door and held her by her arm. Jean's voice shook out of anger and she was trembling.

She couldn't fathom what was happening. Zed, unconscious, in the hospital - what was happening?

"What happened! What is wrong with him!" Jean exclaimed.

Jesse replied," Why do you think I came in and waited for hours in this room for you to arrive. I wouldn't have hurried here. You know I don't particularly like to see you. I am here for Zed, because he is hurt." Jesse exclaimed, a hint of anger palpable in her voice.

"If your dear brother is in the hospital, why are you standing here blaming and accusing me, instead of being with him?" Jean asked. "How stupid do you think I am? You think I'll fall for any lie?" Jean let go of her grasp on Jesse's hand and took a few steps back. She sneered as she went back.

"I knew you wouldn't believe me, Jean," said Jesse plainly. "So I took a picture of Zed, as a proof to show you. This morning at about half past five, Zed was hit by a drunk driver. He met with a bad accident near the Pearl Hotel. Look how badly he has been hurt."

Jesse quickly fished out her phone to show Jean the picture.

Jean raised her head, half expecting to see nothing. But she froze when she saw Zed's picture. The sight of him lying unconscious and badly hurt curdled her blood and made her go numb with fear for his life.

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