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   Chapter 283 Private Detective

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8849

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Jean was awed by Moore's splendid performance. So much so,that she had begun to view him in completely new light now.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Moore asked her,when he saw her look at him. She gazed on,eyes fixated on him in complete adoration.

"I'm just so pleasantly surprised! I didn't expect you to be so shrewd and intelligent. It's like you're a different man from what I saw yesterday." Jean couldn't hold back the truth. She was flatly honest.

"Well,yesterday I had no idea what was going on. Whatever little I knew,I had managed to judge from the situation and the few words that I picked up in the conversation yesterday. Then I went home and looked up online to understand the whole thing. That's when I saw the video and the whole picture was clear in my mind,only after that." Moore was a little embarrassed,but he explained this to her patiently.

He told her how he had no inkling of the situation at all. That was the reason he came across as a little dumb.

"Oh,I get it now."

Once she knew what had happened,she too saw the whole thing clearly. Suddenly,lost in deep thought,Jean lifted her finger up to her chin,as if thinking hard. "Maybe,the person who wants to hurt me is someone around me. This means that I have very few friends,whom I can completely trust."

'I know I can trust Miranda. But the temper on that girl is too terrible. I saw it when she had that argument with Jesse yesterday.'

Jean decided that Miranda wasn't a strong contender to ask for help from.

She thought harder,who else could she depend on?

Disappointed,she finally gave up! "It seems that I don't have many people that I can trust." She glanced at Moore with a defeated look. "I guess this method won't work."

Initially taken aback by Jean's sorriness,Moore gave it a deeper thought and realized that she had been through a lot. He had to give her a chance instead of judging her. "How about we hire a private detective?" "We can trust them. They'll be professional and have strong work ethics. Of course,we will have to pay a big,fat amount for it." Moore continued.

"But it will be completely worth it. If money can solve this problem,so be it." Well...he once gave me... ...a black card. Maybe I can use it now?" Jean said. She was letting the idea sink in but she was hesitant also.

Again,at a loss,Jean looked grave. She didn't know where to start from and what to do. Her mind was blank again and her worry reflected on her face.

"I doubt the card will be of any use to us. Since he had the bodyguard withdrawn,there is a chance that it might not work anymore." Moore reminded Jean,truly believing

felt lost as well as pleased at the same time and walked in.

They were ten minutes early to the meeting. So they both chose a cosy corner in the cafe and sat down,waiting.

Jean cast furtive glances around her,looking for anyone or anything suspicious. Once she had made sure that everything was normal,she cradled her cup of hot coffee and began drinking it.

Exactly on time,about ten minutes later,a simple looking man walked into the cafe. He was tall and thin and wore slim glasses.

Jean looked at Moore. They both had the same doubts about this.

Was it the person that they had come to meet? The detective?

They were unsure. He neither looked shrewd nor did he look like a detective.

Before they could think any further,the young man came up to them and spoke,"Hello."

So,he was the detective that they had come to meet!

Jean and Moore knew that their speculations were true. This indeed was the man.

"Hello." "I'm Leo Li," said the young man,nodding at both of them.

It was now confirmed. He really was the detective.

Both Jean and Moore were shocked,but managed to say,"Hello Leo. Please sit."

Leo sat down next to them,fishing out a recording pen from his pocket expertly.

This time,both Jean and Moore looked at each other and frowned.

Both were thinking the same thing. Was he going to get to work right away? They hadn't even set the fees yet. Things were getting weirdly out of hand now. What if it was the wrong person! Was it possible that this was a mistake and he wasn't actually a detective?

"Mr. Li,if you don't mind,we'd like to talk about the fees first,okay? We can only go ahead and work together if the fees are reasonable." Jean could no longer hold her apprehensions and awkwardly blurted out.

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