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   Chapter 281 Adoptive Parents' Last Words

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10439

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In just one night, Jean felt his indifference to her again. She was getting hurt again and again by Zed. Continuously, her heart was making her to believe in one thing after the other, which were not supporsed to happen. Thus her heart was broken up every time.

She dismissed the idea of going out for a stroll. Instead, she walked back into the ward with decadent sentiment and feeling her heart aching to the core.

Now she was trapped here, trapped in that place, surrounded by unknown people.

She started running her mind and realized that, actually, she had no idea about where she would go after a week.

Qi Mansion?

Would she any longer be accepted there after all that happened recently and that too because of her?

The Qi Group was in trouble, and Jesse was less likely to leave! She would not leave Zed alone.

Plus the scene that she had witnessed last morning, 'After that Jesse and Zed must be doing something intimate. They did get a lot of time alone together.' Jean thought.

From just a thought of that, she felt a pang of sadness and hollowness in her heart. No matter how much she tried, she was not able to neutralize herself from the pain.

She could not help covering her face with her hands to hide her miserable look. She was feeling restless as well as helpless, wishing for some ray of hope for Zed.

'Jean Wen, why are you so shameless?

You are still having an illusion about Zed?

If he really considered you as his wife, he wouldn't have let Toby leave when you needed the protection most. He didn't even visit you once in the hospital.

Isn't it obvious now after everything he did?

Why don't you give up?'

Jean blamed herself for a long time until the sunlight shone through the window. She took a deep breath, opened the door and strode out. She wanted to loosen her mind from all of her terrible thoughts.

She went to Moore's room, knocked the door and on hearing his welcoming voice, she opened the door to enter.

It seemed that Moore was awake for a long time. He was reading the newspaper in bed.

He was surprised to see Jean there in his room, but he asked her with a smile, "Jean? How are you feeling? Did you sleep well last night?"

"Yes, I slept very well." Yesterday, she slept soundly throughout the night, maybe because she didn't had a good sleep the night before and that's why, yesterday, she was exhausted and dizzy.

If Toby didn't have left this morning, she would be in a good mood. But now she was feeling irritated and annoyed on everything.

"That's good." Moore gestured to Jean to take a seat, and then said apologetically, "I wanted to have dinner with you last night, but my attending doctor arranged an EEG examination for me. It was too late when I came out from there. I thought you might be sleeping, so I didn't bother you..."

Moore felt a little embarrassed and the top edge of his ears were turning a little bit red.

'Last night?'

Jean flashed an gloomy look towards Moore as she was feeling empty in her heart.

Yesterday, too many incidents happened, and they made her forget about Moore totally. The m

She didn't expected that Moore who always seemed so sincere

Could be so childish. His enthusiasm was cautious. She didn't know that it would take this long for him to normalize.

It was a while before Moore calmed down. He looked at Jean and felt a little embarrassed about himself and said, "Sorry to make fool of myself. I didn't mean to act like that but I was so excited for a while."

"No, Moore, I'm glad to see you like that." Jean shook her head and said consolingly to him.

"I decide to stay in H City. I am no longer going back to Chicago." Moore looked at Jean with his eyes wide-open in zest and announced excitedly to her.

Jean was not at all surprised to hear his answer. She had been vaguely aware of what he was struggling with before. And as he said before, her words had helped him, so this decision was natural to come.

Since he had figured it out and he had no relatives in Chicago, he had nothing to worry about.

"Now, I'm going to call my lawyer to tell him about my decision of staying here. He will prepare the paper work."

Moore took out his cell phone and started looking for a contact number with great energy.

"Your lawyer?" Jean looked at him with puzzled expressions as she was confused, for what he would be needing his lawyer for?

"Yes, my adoptive parents told me before they died that if I ever decided to stay in China, I had to forfeit my right of inheritance. And then their property will go directly to their distant relatives." Moore nodded and said gravely in a serious tone.

"Since the matter is like this, Moore, I suggest you should reconsider before making such a big decision abruptly. Just consider all pros and cons, then decide what will be beneficial for you. Decisions like shouldn't be taken in such way." After hearing his words, Jean tried to persuade him abruptly. "Since your adoptive parents created their will like that, they really wanted you to go back to Chicago. They did't want you to stay here and you should reconsider all the reasons why they made such a important decision like that."

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