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   Chapter 280 A Kiss Of Consolation

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'How could even it be possible that you are having a nightmare?' Zed muttered to himself as he was startled to see Jean writhing in her sleep.

With his brows knitted together, he focused his eyes on Jean's face which was full of cold sweat and pain and was burdened by a mixture of complex feelings. It was upset for him to see such a pretty and lovely face in so much agony.

For a while, he hesitated if he should wake Jean up or not. He thought that if he didn't wake her up, Jean would be further tormented and traumatized by her nightmare and he didn't want to see her that way. Watching her in anguish was making him feel restless.

But to wake her up from the nightmare, Jean would be able to see him there. And at that time, it would be hard for him to explain to her about his presence.

'What should I do? Should I wake her up or not?'

As Zed was wondering about this, in tension and worry his brows furrowed and he took a deep sigh. He lowered his head and gave Jean a gentle kiss on her cheek, consoling her in silence as he was feeling affectionate towards her and he wanted her to be out of her misery.

His kiss was so magical that Jean's face which was filled with fears suddenly lightened, and then the fears on her face were completely gone. It felt as if someone had read a magic spell on her.

Zed was a little stunned on seeing the instant changes in her facial expressions. After he confirmed that Jean had fallen sound asleep, a smile gradually crept on his face.

His original plan was to leave the ward before Jean could wake up. He risked himself and his plan just for the sake of Jean's peace of mind. Luckily, his kiss hadn't woken Jean up.

And to his surprise, his kiss even comforted Jean who was caught in a traumatic nightmare. It felt as if Jean knew that Zed was there to console her. She could sense his presence.

But Zed had never expected that he was so important for Jean.

But anyway, he didn't have to leave Jean that night. He could stay with her as long as she didn't know about his presence.

Thinking of this, Zed felt relieved and wrapped Jean in his arms tightly while closing his eyes to catch up on some sleep. He felt as if some kind of knot had loosened in his heart.

Very soon, he was slightly snoring in his peaceful and calm sleep.

That day, he was very tired because of handling different matters, and that too crucial ones, so he was feeling exhausted and drowsy since evening. He needed that sweet sleep.

Even with a lot of fatigue weighing him down, Zed braced himself to come here to see Jean. It was the power of just a sight of Jean's face that made him fight his low-spirited body.

Right now, he was lying beside her, with his arms around her. This coziness was making him feel as if he were holding the world in his arms.

He had never felt so composed ever before, and his worries about Jean were finally relieved.

And so, Zed fell asleep at ease.

In spite of this, the thought was still playing in his mind that he had to leave before Jean could discover him. He didn't want to startle her.

At about five o'clock in the morning, Zed woke up. At that time, Jean was still asleep. Zed was so reluctant to leave that he kept staring at her lovely face for about 10 minutes. After consoling himself, he got out of the bed and left hastily. He felt as if he was leaving a part of his heart with her, so he experienced a weird kind of hollowness.

After walking out of the ward, he waved his hand at Toby to call him and specially exhorted him what he had to do. Before he left, he turned back, looked at the closed door of the ward and let out a deep sigh. When he left the hospital, it was still very early in the morning and the sky was still shrouded with morning mist.

As he saw Zed leaving, Toby felt so many complex emotions. He was having trouble in understanding Zed's a

n the hospital to protect Jean, but just secretly.

His presence there couldn't be detected by Jean, let alone by the opponent. He had to be very careful in hiding himself.

Toby exhorted Jean that way, in order that she wouldn't get cranky. He also did that because he wanted to lure the opponent to show up.

Last night, Toby intentionally came to the hospital. His presence must have been known by the one framing Jean. They knew that person would be keeping tab on her and that person would be knowing every single step of her and about every single guest visiting her.

Therefore, he couldn't show up there again directly.

"Mrs. Jean, please take my advice if you trust me." By that time, Toby had run out of words. He could do nothing but comfort her with a serious look. He was in between two difficult positions. One was following his boss's orders and the other was fighting his urge to tell Jean the truth.

So far, Jean had only met Toby twice, including this one.

But she unconsciously believed what he said to her. There was some kind of vibe coming out of him which made Jean believe in him.

"Okay, I will do as you've advised me. I will not leave the hospital if not absolutely necessary. But Toby, you were here protecting my safety for the past few days. Then, you should be knowing that I have to only stay in hospital for one week..."

'What will happen after one week? Then I have to move out. What will happen then?

What should I do once I am out of here?'

"One week will be enough." After uttering out these words, Toby bowed down to her to show his respect. Before Jean could react, he strode away and disappeared from her eyes in a flash.

Jean was very stunned at Toby's swift disappearance like a gust of wind. In disbelief, she rubbed her eyes, To confirm that Toby had really walked towards the gate of the hospital. She was shocked on Toby's swift exit, as it seemed a bit strange. Surprisingly, feelings of emptiness and loneliness consumed her.

Last night, she was even expecting that Zed would come back to her when she knew that Toby was there for protecting her. As Toby was his man, his presence meant that Zed was showing his concern in the matter.

But now, all her dreams were shattered. Her last hope, feeling of happiness in her heart, all of them were gone now. She felt as if she was left alone in the world with no one to stay with her. It was like falling down to the bottom of the ocean.

As she had expected, Zed was no longer the one that she once was familiar with! Now, he was just like a stranger to her.

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