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   Chapter 279 Zed Visited Jean’s Ward At Midnight

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7897

Updated: 2019-01-14 00:19

On hearing the sound of the knife crackling on the ground, Toby instinctively turned his eyes to the floor. His face looked shocked on spotting there was a knife over there.

Then Toby raised his eyebrow to look at Jean but his stomach had stirred with what he felt. 'Luckily, I have told Mrs. Jean that I was sent by Mr. Zed!

She is one dangerous woman, ' Toby thought as he tapped his head.

Oblivious of Toby's presence, Jean was still indulged in thinking about Zed's purpose of arranging a bodyguard for her.

Coming out of her thought, she awkwardly smiled at her bodyguard and cleared her throat before she spoke, "Sorry about that. I did it only for my own safety but I wasn't going to use it..."

"It doesn't matter, Mrs. Jean. You can call me Toby, by the way. If you need anything, just call me. I will be outside the ward." Toby tried his best to make Jean comfortable.

"You have been protecting me for such a long time but I don't remember seeing you. How did you do it?" All things aside, Jean was impressed with Tody's perfect work.

"We are trained to do this, Mrs. Jean. It's hard to explain it in words. Now that you know who sent me over here, can I leave now?" came Toby's professional reply.

He really wanted to end the conversation, so he looked at Jean and waited for her consent.

On the other hand, Jean intended to find out Zed's motive behind sending Toby but he evidently looked reluctant to say more. She had no choice but to let him go.

'Anyway, he just works according to his boss's orders. He will have to report everything to Zed and lets Zed make the decision. Chances are he doesn't know much about Zed's plan except that he has to do it. So there is no point in prying.

Okay, forget it!

But how could it possible that Zed still cares for me?

If he really cares about me, why didn't he show up personally?'

Jean looked out of the window trying to figure things out.

'Yes, Zed did care about me before the indecent video but after the indecent video he is over me.

Maybe Toby used to stalk me before the video incident. And he is probably still doing his job now because his boss forgot to ask him to stop.'

The idea of Zed not loving her anymore brought a piercing pain in her heart.

'No no! I am so stupid! That can't be true. Toby gave him a call right in front of me.

Although the

nd, Zed was glad that so many people were still here to care for her but he also felt envious for not being able to enjoy looking after her.

Somewhere deep down he believed the person damaging her life was someone close to her which worried him a lot.

'If I find who that person is, I will make sure to spoil his or her life. For now, I can't do much but keep Toby here to look after Jean.

You silly little Jean, Toby told me you gave him a rough day today. You must be very sad about what happened this morning. Did you cry like you always do?

Jean, you must be so upset that you fainted.

Okay! Now I don't want to disturb you. Have a good rest here, Jean.

I will take care of the rest, so you need not worry about it. Everyone who hurt you will have to suffer for putting you in this terrible condition.

For those people who are trying to separate us, we will show them how strong our love is.'

His eyes were filled with hatred for all the obstacles his love has faced so far.

'Jean, don't be hurry and go around prying. You will know everything soon.

The one who challenged me and hurt my girl can never escape.'

"No, No...." Jean suddenly put out her soft arms around Zed's waist in a panicky way and kept on murmuring, "No, No..."

It must have been a bad dream because expression reeked of fear. She was sweating, screaming, and shaking her head.

Feeling her discomfort, Zed immediately wrapped her in his arms tightly.

He gazed at her pale face and kissed her delicately. His heart felt heavy with pain every time she suffered.

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