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   Chapter 278 How Could It Be Him

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8133

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Secretly, Toby had kept his eyes on Jean all this time. It was quite difficult for him considering he had to make sure his mission wasn't exposed. However, now he had no other choice but to confront Jean.

As if to make things even worse, he had to use his power to pull her from the cab. Jean at the moment, nearly lost her temper, and he felt her rage.

How he regretted this first meeting!

Toby laughed bitterly in his heart, but he could do nothing.

'After all, it is the mission given by Mr. Zed. I have to bear it no matter what happens, ' thought him sadly.

"Who do you think you are? Ridiculous, I'll see how you can stop me!" Every second Jean's anger seemed to grow manifold.

'The best defense is a good offense! How can he try to stop me like this?

What kind of man is he to bully a woman like me and that too in the broad daylight?

No, he is actually a scumbag, a hooligan, a bandit……' Jean's mind was filled with hatred for this guy she never met before.

Toby noticed Jean was trying to punch him so he smartly dodged the hit.

Looking at the tiny angry Jean with a complex look on his face, Toby searched his mind for the next step.

'Mr. Zed told me that I should not reveal my identity until the last minute.

Besides, Mr. Zed also said that things have become difficult currently, that he cannot come to see Mrs. Jean for a while. That is why he told me to watch over Mrs. Jean more carefully. I can't let Mrs. Jean leave the hospital under the circumstance, or she would be hurt.

But what can I do now?

Though I've been secretly protecting Mrs. Jean for a few days, I never knew she is this hard to handle.

Did this tiny woman actually try to hit me?'

Lost in the dilemma, Toby hoped Mr. Zed had prepared him more for this duty. He felt helpless under this struggling lady.

Lucky for Jean that it was Toby who was given this task because any other person would have gone crazy.

"Let go of me!" shouted Jean surprisedly and angrily. With her hands clamped in his, Jean tried her best to disengage herself from his tight grip.

However, Toby was much stronger than Jean. She felt that his hands were like pliers, holding her so hard that she stood no chance.

"Who on earth are you? Why are you stopping me? I don't even know you……"

Realizing his strength, Jean looked him straight into his eyes trying to use her angry face to persuade him.

'Are they tired of thei

protecting you, and I've been doing so for a month already, " said Toby in a serious tone watching Jean's actions.

"What? A month already?" Turning pale suddenly, Jean looked at Toby in surprise.

"Yes, I've been sent to protect you after the accident you nearly had in the neighboring city, " replied Toby nodding his head.

'In the neighboring city? This man is sent to protect me?

But, by whom?'

As she thought gradually, Jean felt that she was getting close to the answer and the big picture started to become clear.

However, she shook her head soon, with confusion written all over her face.

"Mrs. Jean, no need to bother guessing now. It is Mr. Zed that sent me." As he uttered Zed's name, Jean's puzzled face looked even more puzzled.

"What? Whose name did you just say? Zed?" Finding it hard to believe, Jean thought her ears had played tricks on her.

"I shouldn't have shown up in front of you, Mrs. Jean. But Mr. Zed told me it is dangerous to let you out now. If there is an emergency for you to go out, then I may have to accompany you. I have gained his permission to tell you his name, " said Toby, smiling for the first time since they met. He felt relieved like the burden from his shoulder was taken down.

"So, Zed is the one who sent you to protect me?" repeated Jean once again, still unable to believe it.

"Yes, Mrs. Jean, " replied Toby patiently.

"How could that be?" As she was saying this, Jean suddenly sat on the bed in a great shock. All her energy seemed to have drained and that knife she was holding back slipped down from her hand making a clattering sound.

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