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   Chapter 277 Why Do You Bother Yourself Like This

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8285

Updated: 2019-01-13 13:44

Jean was completely stunned listening to John's confession. It came unexpectedly.

Jean always treated him as one of her colleagues and nothing more.

To be very honest, she barely interacted with him in the past. It was only after Maranda fell in love with John that Jean had dealt with him properly.

Today, John's confession was made in a very serious manner and it put Jean off guard. Jean seemed to have understood something for a brief second. But after further thought, she still felt confused thinking why John had any affection for her.

Before John's confession, Jean forced herself not to indulge in wild thoughts of John's feelings for her. She feared and blamed overthinking.

But when she heard John say that he had already been deeply in love with her, without any regrets, she was stunned.

His words had really taken her aback.

She had guessed that John would say that he liked her or had a favorable impression of her.

But going as far as love without any regrets was too shocking to digest.

"John, you must be kidding with me. Right?" After she recovered from the shock, Jean put forward this question.

"I know that you won't believe it, so there is no point in saying more." In actuality, John felt disappointed watching Jean's reaction.

Deep down, he knew she wouldn't accept his love, but he never doubted she wouldn't believe his words.

'Why doesn't she trust me? Or is she not confident about herself?' John thought.

As John was lost in these thoughts, sorrow and depression made its way across his face. At the sight of his upset expressions, Jean suddenly realized that she was responsible for it.

"I am sorry! I didn't say that I distrust you, but..." Jean tried to smile and found it hard to explain. After pausing for a while, she added, "Very few guys have confessed to me in my life. I really felt shy, uneasy and embarrassed hearing your confession. I really don't know how to react to such confessions, so please don't take me wrong."

"That's okay." After Jean's further explanation, the melancholy on John's face was dispelled in a matter of seconds. It was replaced by a smile. Relaxed, John said, "As I have just mentioned, I don't want my affection for you to bother you, but I really hope that you can trust me."

"Okay, " Jean nodded and said apologetically, "John, thanks a lot for your love. But I can't accept it. I am really sorry..."

"You don't have to apologize to me." Before Jean completed her w

really don't need anyone to show me any sympathy.

If you did manage to keep it a secret for such a long time, then why did you tell me about it on an impulse today?

I don't love you, so I can't give you anything in return.

But I can try to be your friend.

There is difference between friend and colleague. I don't know whether it is appropriate for me to make that change.

Anyway, the last thing I want to do is hurt your feelings.

I don't want to treat you the way that some people treat me.

I have too many people in my life to hurt me and they successfully made Zed join their group by hating me. I hope they are all content now.'

At the thought of her enemies, a great hatred was shown in Jean's eyes. Suddenly, she got out of her bed and walked into the bathroom.

A while later, Jean changed into a casual dress and walked towards the gate of the hospital.

Reaching outside, she waited a couple of minutes for a taxi. Finally, a taxi stopped for her, but before she could slide into the passenger's seat, her arm was grabbed by someone from behind.

Jean turned back and saw a strange person in front of her. With her eyebrows knitted, she involuntarily asked, "What do you think you are doing?"

"You... can't leave the hospital, " Toby replied in a stern tone.

"Who are you? And why should I listen to you?" This act made Jean lose her temper. She was annoyed by the fact that this guy thought he had the right to stop her.

"I have told you that you can't leave the hospital. Then, you must do as I tell you to, " Toby replied seriously and sternly.

But he groaned inwardly, 'What the hell am I doing?'

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