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   Chapter 276 You Are So Silly

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 12111

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Immediately, the smile on Jean's face disappeared. She looked at John with a stunned expression and said, "What do you mean you called Zed?"

John was confused by Jean's sudden unexpected reaction, but he still explained it to her in an astonished tone. "You just fainted in the company. I didn't know what to do as I was freaked out! So I directly took you to the hospital. When I went back to the company, I remembered that I hadn't inform Zed about this, so I made a phone call to him explaining what had happened to you. It seems that you don't know about this. You are all shocked on hearing about this. Didn't he come here to see you?"

Jean gave back a bitter and sad smile and shook her head towards John while keeping her eyes down, and said, "He must be very busy! After all, the whole thing that happened to me must have put his company into an adverse position. He must be dealing with the public relations." Jean was trying to make an excuse for Zed.

John was stunned by Jean's words, he couldn't believe that Jean was still trying to excuse Zed. His face turned solemn and he countered in an anxious tone, "No matter how busy he is, you are his wife. How could he be still working in spite of your bad situation? Doesn't he have any curtsy? This is his fault. Let me call him right now..."

After he finished his words, John took out his phone immediately, and started searching for Zed's number in the phone. He was feeling bad for Jean, and was angry on Zed for acting this way.

By seeing John's action, Jean suddenly got tensed and asked, "What are you doing?"

John was puzzled by Jean's reaction, however, seeing Jean's anxious expression, he halted and replied, "I'm calling him to come here to see you!" John was having trouble in understanding that why Jean was acting peculiarly.

"John, I always thought that you are a clever man, but why are you behaving so silly in this matter?" A trace of sorrow appeared on Jean's face as she continued, "If he really wanted to see me, he would have come already, even if you don't call him. Just try to understand." She didn't want to say anything more related to this matter. It was making her more low-spirited.

"You two... Is there something wrong between you guys?" He looked at Jean considerably and asked. As by hearing Jean's disappointed tone and seeing her sorrowful face, John suddenly realized that there was something wrong between Jean and Zed. .

"Is it necessary for me to say it out? Don't you think we can get on well with each other after all the things that have happened?" Jean closed her eyes disappointedly as she replied impatiently.

"How could this possibly happen? I don't understand. I just can't believe it. You both were still well attached with each other earlier. Last, I remembered you guys were in love. It was clearly visible between two of you. I always thought that Zed was truly in love with you. When he learnt that Ethan had withdrawn the investment, he invested in our company. He did this all for you. Was it all a show for others to see? Why did he change his mind so abruptly? What could have happened within this period that affected him like that?" John murmured unbelievably while shaking his head in shock.

"Sometimes what appears on the surface is not the truth. When I started taking our relationship seriously, I thought that even though it was a mistake for us being together, as long as he really loves me, I would not regret it. I was ready to take him as my own just because I thought he loved me. However, after all these things happened, I realized that I was wrong. I was gravely mist

affected by the grief in Jon's words, she then raised her head and looked up at him perplexedly. She was surprised to hear so much sentiments in John's voice.

"I want to say it neither for making you feel bothered, nor for asking anything from you in return. I am just saying it solely because I want you to know about my feelings. And I can't take it any longer. These words have been hiding inside my heart for too long, it's just too long."

John kept his eyes fastened on Jean's and said softly as his heart was aching to say the words to Jean.

"John, since you have hidden it for so long, why don't you keep it buried in your heart for more time? I think this is not the right time for these talks." Jean didn't wait for John to continue and reproached him. "Maybe you will get hurt after you speak it out loud. And it will be more painful for you then."

"I am telling you, I don't wish you to give me anything in return, and I will not embarrass you either." John replied firmly.

"Then why are you doing this? Are you trying to comfort me, an abandoned little poor woman?" Jean smiled bitterly all of a sudden as she asked him. She was feeling pity on herself and was expecting that John was also saying this out of pity on her.

"If Zed truly loved you and took care of you wholeheartedly, and as long as you felt happy, I would not have planned to say it." A light smile appeared on John's face as he looked at Jean and continued, "But now, you are so weak and you need a man to take care of you. I don't wish for anything from you. I just hope that you can allow me to take care of you. Even though I'm not that tough, I still wish to be the man staying by your side when you need someone to accompany you. And I know, I won't disappoint you."

John stared at Jean eagerly with hope in his eyes as he spoke softly in a swearing-like tone.

Jean was really moved by John's plain yet touching words. She had never imagined that behind the cold and solemn appearance, John actually had an unexpectedly strong feeling of emotions in his heart.

"John, you are so silly." Rims of Jean's eye turned red suddenly. She looked at John with her watering eyes and murmured in a kind tone.

"I know, but there is no way back. I have already been deeply in love with you, without any regrets!" Jean finally spoke out the words he had been hiding in heart for so long in a strongly committed tone.

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