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   Chapter 275 Public Relations Team

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"Come on, Maranda, stop talking nonsense. I am not going to agree on it." Jean saw the decisive expression on Maranda's face and heard that she even planned to join Ron and Calvin to clarify the rumors to the public. Her expressions suddenly changed as her face became gloomy.

"Jean, I know you don't want us to step in because of the fear that it could hurt our reputation. And after that we would be in so much chaos. But if we are unable to protect you, then what's the use of this reputation? You're my first real friend. I won't let you face it alone!" Seeing Jean's angry but gloomy face, Maranda hurried to placate her. She didn't want Jean to be angry as it could affect her health.

"Maranda, I know you don't want me to be defamed and bullied, and I also appreciate the kindness you two are showing towards me. I am really thankful for all this. But have you ever thought that if you come forward in haste, you might get defamed as well? And have you thought of the effects it's going to have on your family. You know, cyber violence is quite terrible. And what's worse, the rumors about that video might be even more difficult to be clarified by then, " Jean said with a worried face.

"Don't worry! The Qin family has a team specializing in crisis public relations. At this juncture, if they don't reflect the value of their existence, then we are hiring them for nothing, " Maranda said with a big proud smile. As she knew, this team could handle this matter easily.

Instantly in surprise, Jean's eyes widened. She couldn't believe on what she had just heard, a team dealing with crisis public relations?

She had heard about it somewhere in her past, but she used to think it existed only in the entertainment industry. Now she found herself to be ignorant. Obviously, people from different aspects of life would also need these crisis teams, as her incident was one of an example to consider.

But it was also not that surprising. The Qin family had a large number of people and a huge family business. It was a real rich and powerful family.

And those stars who took great pains to marry into the rich and powerful family would be having certain reasons and purposes.

In addition to enjoying luxury and wealth, all specialized services they received were naturally more high-grade than as a star.

Speaking of the public relations team... If the Qin family had it, so did Zed. Zed's business was also at the same level as that of Qin family. So, he would have this team also.


Maranda told her about it so naturally in order to try and help her. She was not at all hesitant for a minute to disclose it. It showed Maranda really cared for her.

On the contrary, the man, her nominal husband, didn't even come to see her long after she was fainted and hospitalized, let alone help her out. All this made her feel depressed and her heart started to ache as if someone was gripping it by a sharp paw.

The differences between people really could be bitterly disappointing at times. People could act in such a contrasting manner from the way they were expected to act.

Maranda sensed that Jean was silent after hearing her, and obviously, Jean's mood had also changed to desolate. Maranda carefully recalled what she had just said. It suddenly occurred to her that now as she had mentioned that the Qin family had a public relations team, Zed would also have one, but he did not even take any public relations measures after the rumors about Jean broke out on the Internet.

So she understood that she had mentioned the reason for Jean's sadness recently. But it was unintentional

behaving that way?

But she was having trouble in figuring out where he had changed. She had made a lot of assumptions, but none of them seemed to match.

"I..." John summoned up the courage, but he could not say anything while Jean was staring at him with her bright eyes. He was not feeling conscious of his tongue at that moment.

Seeing John's hesitant expression, Jean waited patiently. She was perplexed but was curious to see John in that condition.

"I..." John finally sighed in his heart. "I just want to tell you that no matter what happened, I will believe you. You should stay strong and not get easily overwhelmed by all these difficulties. They will pass. Don't let them break you down."

'Oh, I see.'

Jean breathed a sigh of relief. She had just seen John's earnest face and it seemed that he had made a great determination to say all that.

Somehow, it panicked her. She felt very contradictory. On the one hand, she felt that she should stop John from speaking it out, but on the other hand, she wanted to hear what he really wanted to say. She was in dilemma.

Now, on hearing John's words, her mood was inexplicably relaxed and a pleasant smile came on her face. She realized how tough it was for John to say that. And she appreciated that.

"Thank you, John, " Jean said sincerely. "But don't worry. I won't be easily overwhelmed. And I will try my best not to get affected by these difficulties."

"Jean, you should remember that everyone who knows you well will trust and support you. You are not alone in this. And no one doubts you." John smiled and encouraged her. "Whatever rumors are spreading outside, don't let them deteriorate you and just try to keep taking a good rest. After all, this body is your own. You should love it. And you should take good care of it."

Jean nodded in agreement when she heard this. Now, she knew that whatever John was saying was right. And she had to follow all those things in order to become healthy. "That's right! Now I deeply realize that taking good care of myself is the most important thing for me. And I should take it seriously."

"By the way, when I returned to the company, I called Mr. Qi to inform him that you have fainted." John mentioned it as soon as Jean had finished speaking. As he spoke, he scanned her face and studied her expression. He wanted to clear it all out. It was troubling him to keep it by himself.

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