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   Chapter 274 Who Is That Woman

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 11303

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"Thank you for your praise. If there's nothing else, you can leave now, " Jean said in an unfriendly manner. She was feeling irritated and wanted Jesse to leave as soon as possible.

Repeatedly being asked to leave by Jean, even though not being satisfied by Jean's response, Jesse can only stamp her feet in indignation and said, "Jean, one day you will regret and cry mournfully if you are not going to follow my advice. Just accept it."

"Thanks for your warning, " Jean said scornfully while folding her arms in irritation and looking at her coldly.

'Thanks to you, now every day, I have been feeling upset and unhappy. Your advice is not going to change my condition. And don't start showing your concern for me right now after all that you have done to me in the past days.

And you just said that I would cry mournfully? I have already cried often these days. I don't mind feeling dejected and crying once more in the future. So, don't worry about me.

What you were advising is a matter of principle. I will never agree on that. I am not like you. So, don't ever expect me to act like you.'

Seeing that Jean was behaving so stubbornly, Jesse was left with no other choice other than to leave in disdain. She wanted Jean to act on her accord. But on facing defeat she finally decided to go.

She quickly turned around and advanced out of the room by shutting the door with great force. Seeing that, Maranda stared at Jean with amazement and asked her, "Jean, since you obviously detest her, why did you still believe her? Who is she?"

Maranda had asked the same question several times, but no one told her who the woman was. She was very curious to know about Jesse after hearing the conversation between them. But it seemed people were not going to disclose her anything related to that woman.

Therefore, Maranda was disappointed and depressed.

"She is Zed's childhood friend and they grew up together. So, they have a very good relationship with each other. Today, she was here only because of Zed." Jean explained indifferently in serious and monotonous tone. Even talking about Jesse and Zed made her heart ache a little.

"Because of Zed?" Hearing that, Maranda burst out shockingly, as she was confused after hearing Jean.

'It is Jean who is getting insulted for the video, but not Zed. And why did that woman specifically came to the hospital for Zed? What could be the reason behind it?

Is it because Jean and Zed…'

"Because Jean is Mrs. Qi. She is insulted more by the people because of the video. As she is married, expectations are different for her and people frowned upon her more. After the video, the stock of the Qi Group has also been badly affected. It has fallen by two percentage within an hour after the market opened up …"

Ron explained to Maranda all the things that had happened after the video.

"I am having trouble in understanding what you just said. Just tell me, how severe is the effect that the Qi Group suffers from because of the video?" Maranda asked with her brows furrowed. She was perplexed by all the information she had received.

"I can only tell you that the losses are heavy. If Mr. Qi can't find a remedy, the Qi Group will fall into a financial crisis. At that time, owing to the problem of capital debt, the company will go bankrupt …"

"Ohh, you don't have to explain me so much." Maranda

is will also bring a great storm to H City, " Ron explained with a heavy heart.

"It doesn't matter. We aren't real lovers. I don't care about the rumors, " Maranda said seriously in business like manner. "As long as I can help Jean, I am willing to do whatever I can. I just want Jean to be happy. What about you, Ron?"

Maranda stared at Ron with her big eyes and asked seriously. Now the ball was on Ron's side.

"I also don't care. It depends on you. If you want, it can be done."

Ron shrugged his shoulders casually without giving a single thought.

"Wow! Ron, I didn't knew that you were so decisive! I can't wait to appreciate you more!" Maranda said with her eyes shining like stars and she smacked on Ron's shoulder in excitement.

Ron was in a daze for a while on seeing Maranda's passionate move and reaction. He was not expecting Maranda to be so happy on hearing that.

"Hey! Haven't you two listened to me just now? I have said that it's not feasible. It's not gonna happen. Why are you still talking about that? Maranda, I am telling you again. If you insist on doing so, we won't be friends in the future!" Hearing their conversation, Jean became anxious and could only snap at Maranda. She didn't want it to happen.

"No matter what you say, I have made up my mind!" Looking at Jean, Maranda said seriously while removing her hands from Ron's shoulder. "Jean, regardless of the fact that we are friends, there's no denying that it's because of me that you are suffering from such an incident."

"I have already told you. They have been trying to find faults in anything I do. Whatever I do is wrong in their eyes. It's not at all related to you. So, it's not your fault, " Jean said with a deep and tiring sigh. She was getting fed up with this conversation of who was at the fault.

"No, it's related to me." Maranda shook her head helplessly, her facial expression turning serious. "And this incident is not only related to me but also to Ron and Calvin. They were also present there. And they are also facing some troubles because of it. We four can't be bullied by others easily. Now, we have to overcome the current difficulties. Then, we could find out the person behind all this in order to punish him severely."

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