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   Chapter 273 It's None Of Your Business!

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8823

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"How ridiculous! Do you think that a video without any proof or truth will impact the Qi Group's image? I am afraid only foolish women like you would utter such words to create fear. The truth is something else. Jean has been in the hospital for quite some time but Zed hasn't come once to see her. If he truly thinks of himself as a man, Zed better come soon and look after her. In fact, please go back and tell him that if he doesn't come now, he needs not come ever."

A furious Maranda sputtered her volley of taunts at the gorgeous-looking Jesse.

How arrogant and self-righteous this sullen beauty was! Maranda felt pure hatred arresting her heart as she looked at Jesse who didn't seem to have a hair out of place. She looked down on Jean as if she were a world-famous celebrity.

"You can't hear me or what?! Will you pass on a message to Zed for Jean?" Looking her from head to toe, Maranda tried to rattle Jesse.

All colour had drained from Jesse's face as Maranda verbally attacked her in such a dominating way.

Seething with anger, Jesse hissed, "Why should I tell you who I am? You haven't told me who you are." Jesse retorted in a huff.

"Me?" Maranda burst into laughter when she saw the anger and rage on Jesse's face. In a high-pitched tone, she said, "A great man never changes his name wherever he goes. Listen up, my name is Maranda Qin."

"You are Maranda Qin?" Shock and disbelief could be easily read in Jesse's eyes as she goggled at the revelation.

A shadow of doubt passed over Maranda's face and she curiously asked, "You know me?"

"Of course I know you." A contemptuous smile played on Jesse's lips as she said, "Aren't you the person who accompanied Jean on her blind date? It's good that you finally showed up! Let me guess, you must be drowning in guilt now that you know how badly Jean screwed up all because of you?"

"Who the hell are you to ask whether I feel guilty or not!" Maranda's temper flared immediately and she fiercely stared at Jesse.

'How she takes pleasure in Jean's misfortune?! She must have a death wish for Jean!' thought Maranda.

With a resolute expression, Jesse faced her fearless. Thinking about the two foolish women in front of her, a bittersweet sympathy filled her heart. "Watch your attitude! I am doing you a kind favour, Jean as I am looking for ways to help you. But look at you, I don't think it is necessary any more."

"We don't need your help! Who knows your ulterior motive or dark design? I am afraid you are jealous of Jean and don't wish a happy life for her." Pretending that she didn't see the softness in Jesse's face, Maranda blurted it

nded quickly. A hot burning fury started to blaze deep in her heart. If not for Zed, she wouldn't have gotten involved in this affair at all.

She was so racking her brains to find a solution for them, but these two women didn't even know chalk from cheese. How ungrateful and unreasonable they were!

She tried to persuade Maranda once more. "Maranda, you should be very clear who Jean is suffering injustice for! And for whom, Jean is becoming the subject of criticism. The city is buzzing with the scandal about her. She is overwhelmed by upset and has to stay in the hospital! If you have any shred of conscience, you should agree to what I am suggesting without any hesitation and not..."

"Thank you for very much for your kindness, Jesse, " said Maranda in a sharp sarcastic tone. "You don't need to worry about my business. I've told you that your idea isn't going to work and there's no use discussing it any longer." Before Jesse could complete her coaxing, a visibly irritated Jean raised her hand, with palm facing Jesse telling her to stop.

The very idea that Jesse felt righteous and superior enough to come and fix the solution, grated on her nerves.

How could Jesse announce without any shame that Jean was hospitalized because of that video? Didn't Jesse realize that Jean wouldn't be in hospital if it were not for the extreme anger Jesse stoked in her?

But it was meaningless to talk about this and Jean was disinclined to haggle over with her now.

Anyhow, it was non-negotiable to persuade Maranda, Ron and Calvin to come ahead to clarify their actions to the public.

"Jean, can't you tell good from bad?" An indignant Jesse gnashed her teeth, as she stared at Jean.

It looked as if Jesse was itching to tear her up.

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