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   Chapter 272 Why Did You Say I Would Destroy Him

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On hearing a female voice, Jean's beautiful face contorted with displeasure. Her eyebrows scrunched up in mild anger and resistance as she recognized who it was.

It was Jesse — the last person Jean wanted to see right now.

Maranda looked at Jean right in the face. She could see how Jean's eyes spelt pure irritation on seeing that it's Jesse.

'Jean must dislike that person!' was the first thought that came to Maranda's mind. The irony of seeing her pretty hazel eyes fill up with hostility stoked Maranda's anger towards Jesse. And so, Maranda asked coldly, "Who are you? Have you come to the wrong place?"

The dislike in her tone was clear.

Jesse entered the ward and saw two strangers around Jean. The hostility between the women was so strong that you could cut the air with a knife. "It seems that you are hostile to me? But it's only the first time we have met. I don't remember when I offended you before."

"In that case, you must be often offending people without knowing it, " Maranda sneered.

"Well, with a magnificent face like me and a noble family background, it's only natural that I arouse envy in others." A coquettish smile played on Jesse's voluptuous lips as she praised herself. She dared Maranda to come up with a repartee as she looked at Maranda square in the eye, playing with her silky hair.

"Ugh, disgusting!" With big angry eyes, Maranda mocked Jesse, "Oh my God! I have seen many narcissists, but none of them are as narcissistic as you. Are you mentally unstable?"

Jesse's face hardened as she gritted her teeth on hearing Maranda speak bitingly to her again. Jean's silence and not stopping Maranda further irked her.

With sarcasm dripping from each word of her sentence, Jesse said, "Jean, huh? Are all your friends so rude and impolite? What would brother Zed think of you if he knew it? Please don't bring your old vulgar habits into the Qi family. This is highly disgraceful!"

The haughtiness on Jesse's face didn't suit her beauty at all. The perfectly chiselled nose and high cheek bones looked for the worse as Jesse condescended towards Jean.

Trying to distance herself from what happened in the morning, Jesse breathed deep breaths to calm down. Coolly, she judged the moment when she could strike Jean hard.

Recalling how disconcerted brother Zed looked when he saw the video and heard rumors on the Internet about Jean, anger bubbled inside her. Even when Jean saw Zed and Jean sleep on a bed together all night, he didn't want to catch up with her to explain. Clearly, their relationship involved indifference as Zed had turned a blind eye on Jean.

'And what about Jean?

g called a coward, she barked back, "Don't you have eyes? Or are you crazy? Do you think a healthy person will be in a hospital?"

"Maranda, don't talk in between." A visibly touched Jean looked quickly in Maranda's direction. She reassured Maranda that everything was under her control. With some thought, Jean spoke to Jesse, "So, what do you want me to do?"

The truth hadn't hit Jean until now. She finally understood why Jesse had come all the way to the hospital.

But in front of Maranda and Ron, wouldn't Jesse be embarrassed in saying such things?

Jean couldn't imagine how shameless Jesse could be.

She also wanted to see whether what she thought of Jesse was true or not.

"At the very least, you should clarify to the public what really happened on the day the video was taken. Whether you want to find a PR company or news media, I can help you with that. Now that you are in the hospital, this is a good chance to make your case in front of the public, " Jesse said with all sincerity.

Jean was taken aback by what Jesse had suggested. She hadn't expected Jesse to come up with such an idea this quickly.

In this way, regardless of whether the public believed it or not, the public image of the Qi Group would be saved.

But after what had happened in the morning, what made Jesse think that she was still willing to do it?

"No matter what you saw this morning..." Aware of Jean's deliberate silence, Jesse looked at Maranda and Ron with some embarrassment first and finally turned to Jean and explained vaguely, "After all, you once loved each other, you should do this for brother Zed's sake. Please don't destroy brother Zed!"

Aghast, Jean spoke with a hint of displeasure on her face. "Why did you say I would destroy him?"

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