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   Chapter 271 I Do Like Her

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9232

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"Don't think like that. We are just here to show our concern for you. And we came to check how are you doing." Maranda hurriedly clarified herself to Jean and suddenly her cheeks started to turn red. She was blushing.

"Concern for me?" Jean said sarcastically while looking at Ron with a smirk on her face. He came right after Calvin's departure. It was weird.

Jean didn't think Ron would show up without Maranda's invitation. Jean and Ron only meet once. How come he was so forward in visiting her with Maranda? Something was going on there.

And she was not popular like a star about whom everyone was worried so they were coming to visit her.

"Yes, we are worried about you. Since you are suffering...... because of us....." Maranda hesitated but then she explained angrily, "I don't even know what the video uploader want by doing that? It was me and Ron who went on the blind date. Why did they came after you and Calvin? Our blind date don't count as news? Then why are they so concern about it?"

"Of course it can't be." Jean gave a wry smile to Maranda. She was so innocent, not even realizing the ulterior motive behind it. She soberly said, "Your blind date is normal for them since you both are single. If those men break the news about you two, people will be just jealous and the video uploader will only get their attention. But Calvin and I are different. You know I am married. And married women are measured with different eyes. There are many angles with which you can aim at a married women! And you can create a great deal of gossip with that."

"What are you talking about, Jean? Are you self-explaining or laughing at us?" Maranda cast a side-glance at Jean with solemn expressions. "Do you think it was unnecessary for us to visit you today? Also please tell me. Are you angry with me since I ask you to go with me that time on blind date......"

Maranda said with remorse. It was visible on her face that she was feeling guilty.

"I never said that......" Jean stopped Maranda to prevent an awkward situation. "Don't blame yourself. Someone wanted to hurt me. It was not gonna change even though you were not there. They would have found a different way to hurt me."

"It seems like you are really in danger." Maranda frowned at Jean anxiously and asked her seriously, "What are you going to do?"

"What can I do? There is not much in my hands. I don't even know who they are, " Jean said while spreading her hands in helplessness as she had no other alternative. Then she asked Maranda after remembering something, "Didn't you go back to the company with John? Why did you came back again?

"It's because of me." Ron suddenly replied in his low voice while looking all tense and continued, "I wanted to check on you af

hom she had met the first time..

"Don't worry. I know how such things work. That is not your fault. And I am not blaming you."

She deliberately said in order to normalize Ron. She didn't want Maranda to see Ron in that state.

"Ron! What did you do to Jean?" Maranda asked Ron while staring at him angrily when she heard what Jean had just said. She thought Ron had done something to hurt Jean.

"I didn't do anything, okay?" Ron glanced at Jean slightly shaking his head and making his face innocent looking.

He couldn't say anything to make Maranda know about his feeling for her. Otherwise, it would not be possible for him to meet Maranda again.

On understanding Ron's reaction, Jean gently nodded. Then she turned to Maranda and said, "Maranda, please try to calm yourself. It's unwise of you to be angry on others without knowing the situation."

"Jean, why are you taking Ron's side?" Maranda said angrily and then she folded her arms and her cheeks bulged in annoyance. She was not expecting her friend to support Ron.

"I am not taking any side." Jean felt there was nothing she could do for her. So, Jean shook her head in frustration and said, "I just feel bad when I see you acting with immature behavior."

Maranda only heard the first part of the sentence, so immediately she was worried and asked Jean in an anxious voice, "are you feeling uncomfortable? What is troubling you? Should I call a doctor for you?"

"I feel bad because of you!" Jean uttered with a sigh. She held Maranda's hand in her hand calmly and said, "think twice before you say or do anything. You should take responsibility for your own decision. You should act sincerely. Otherwise it will be problematic for you in your future."

"Oh! Everyone is here. It seems like a right time to come."

Suddenly a voice from nowhere came.

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