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   Chapter 270 If Not Her Who Would It Be

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10283

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"I know that you didn't post the video online. Somebody else did it." Jean noticed Eva's emotional turmoil and sighed, "Please relax. Let's have a good talk about it." With serious tone but calm face Jean had realized that Eva was experiencing great bewilderment and she wanted Eva to hold her composure.

"If I didn't hear it with my own ears, I would think that the video is related to somebody else. Jean, I am really sorry that I underestimated you. I never expected that you would remain so calm after all things that had happened to you. Everyone including me were thinking that you would create a scene and we would get the chance to enjoy it." Eva sighed sorely with an embarrassing smile on her face. She was feeling ashamed of what she had done.

"Since things had already happened, I had to find a solution to it by myself. I was not at liberty to lose my poise. I can't solve any problem, by just being emotional and angry. Am I right?" Jean said with a forced smile. She had to keep her composure in spite of the fact that she was feeling miserable and depressed deep within her heart.

"You are right. And you also handled the situation with senses. But why do you keep calling me even though you knew I didn't do it?" In a startled tone Eva asked Jean with confusion. She really wanted to know the reason behind Jean's so many calls. It was making her distraught.

"I wanted to know who else knew about the video apart from you? Though the video posted online was different from yours, I felt that the video uploader tried to exaggerate the matter, focused more on my interaction with Calvin, keeping your video as the base. The editing done on the video was of high quality, and great effort was also placed on it. It was very much well planned. Of course, the edited video would ignite the crowd's attention more easily."

Jean explained with a dark face and serious tone. She was determined to go to the root of the matter and was ready to do anything possible for it.

Eva admired Jean's reasoning and decided to tell her everything she knew after having some thoughts. "Jean, I accept that I share half of the responsibility for all of this. If I wouldn't have made that video, nothing like this would have happened. I agree with you. The video uploader did borrow my idea to exaggerate the relationship between you and Calvin. I want you to know that other than a friend of mine, Jesse also knows about the video. I really regret all the things that had happened and all the hurt that you had to face because of me."

"Jesse..." Jean was startled on hearing that Jesse did know about the video but she couldn't help herself from crying out Jesse's name. She wanted to say more about Jesse but her shock was not letting her say anything else. Her face was dazed with her eyes staring at one point without blinking for once.

"Yes. On that night at the resort, she came to my room and threatened me to hand it over to her. She promised me that she wouldn't post it online, so that was why I gave it to her. I didn't know that this was going to happe

r suspicion. It was not possible to doubt her after knowing that.

As Jean well knows, Jesse was a smart person.

She knew that if she went to Eva directly to get the video, people would know that she had it, and there would be direct blame on her. Since she would not like to ruin Jean's marriage with Zed, she would definitely not use the video.

Though she did want Jean to leave Zed, she would never do it under the risk of damaging Zed's reputation. She did care about Zed a lot. This was one good thing about her.

Jean believed in her on this point. And there was no point arguing on it.

Even though she saw them sleeping together this morning, Jean could still trust her on this matter. At least she knew that much.

As for Eva's friend...

Thinking of it, Jean's brows furrowed. Though Eva said that she trusted him, she still needed to know more about that person before letting him off the suspicion. She was not going to let him of the hook just because Eva trusted him. She had to investigate more.

Jean made up her mind. After all the thinking, she felt tired and closed her drowsy eyes to rest herself with good sleep. She was not well enough to be totally fine. She needed her timely rest.

Jean was about to lie down when the door was knocked by someone.

Jean opened her eyes in irritation and felt helpless. She was feeling very tired from all those serious conversation and mind grilling.

After she was hospitalized, it seemed that the knocking on the door never stopped. People were coming continuously.

Since when she got so many visitors?

She just hoped that this time it was not someone who wanted to harm her, as she no longer had the courage to face these people. These people didn't even care that she was admitted to the hospital, but they visited her only to tease her.

Jean sighed and by getting down from her bed, she went to open the door. She stared at one person and asked the other person smilingly, "What's the matter? How come you two are together? Did I miss something these days?"

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