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   Chapter 269 It's Really Hard To Get You On The Phone

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6035

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"Bad things keep happening to me, but I don't mind. But you? You've just come to H City and are totally unfamiliar with this place and these people. I don't want you to be involved." Jean sighed and explained in a caring tone.

'I went to the club just for accompanying Maranda with her blind date. How would I know someone was setting me up? Human beings can be sinister.

Moore is an outsider and I don't want him in this at any cost.' A resolution formed in Jean's mind.

"You don't have to worry when something like this happens. You need to face the problem instead of worrying. No matter how people distort the truth, you need to know it will come out one day." A tone of consolation could be detected in Moore's voice.

"But Moore, these days news travel fast through the advanced Internet. In a matter of few seconds, anything can reach any part of the world. The human heart is always frightening. Even the people who don't know me have interest in laughing at my misery."

Jean looked extremely sad when she said it.

People like Joy and Shirley have ruined her life.

All they wanted was that Zed would divorce Jean. Only then could they rest.

'They must be truly happy now, '

Jean gave a bitter laugh.

The thought of the previous incident depressed her even more.

Seeing the expression on Jean's face, Moore remained silent. And after a long time, he asked carefully, "Was he..."

"I don't want to talk about this. I feel a little bit tired and need to go back to the ward." Jean walked straight towards her room after she finished her words.

Moore stood on the spot she left and looked at Jean's retreating figure with confused expressions. He turned and walked to his ward, sighing all the way.

Every time Moore tried to express his care for Jean and mentioned

her mind set on this.

Like a miracle, Jean's patience paid its price.

Eva answered the phone on Jean's 6th attempt.

"Hello..." Jean held the mobile tightly to her chest and greeted the person at the other end with a trembling voice.

Keeping the phone closer to her ears, Jean tried to hear what went on at the other end. She couldn't hear much but just heard the sound of a person breathing.

Mustering courage, Jean felt at ease and said to Eva with a smile, "Eva, it's really hard to get you on the phone. I've been calling you since last night."

"I know, so I shut down my mobile phone, " came back the reply.

"Eva... I know you won't let me wait too long." Jean was very happy.

"Why?" Eva couldn't help asking. She wanted to hang up on the call any second.

"Because I believe in you." Her reply was smart because it left Eva astonished.

'Jean believes in me. What does that mean?' thought Eva.

"Jean, why should you trust me?" Eva asked, on the verge of tears. "Are you here to make me feel guilty?"

Now the panic was gone, and Eva almost shouted at the other end of the phone.

The idea that Jean forgave her shocked her.

Even she didn't believe in herself.

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