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   Chapter 268 She Was Not My Step-mother

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6987

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Jean felt like a fool for not being able to recognize Calvin's true identity.

Thinking about her inability to see things, she followed these two guys to the restaurant near the hospital.

"You two are staying in the hospital, so it is inconvenient for you to walk far away. How about having a simple meal here? After you two will be discharged from the hospital, I will be certain to entertain you at the Four Seasons Hotel."

Calvin walked into the room with an apologetic face.

Jean remained silent and frowned her eyebrows.

On the other hand, Moore was trying to cool things down. "Don't bother. It is good to have lunch here."

Seeing Moore's sweet way of speaking to Calvin, Jean felt a fit of anger boil inside her. 'Moore, I cannot believe you are being so nice to him. I didn't think of you as an apple-polisher!'

These thoughts put her into a sullen mood. Unable to take any more, she sprang up and said, "Excuse me, I will go to the washroom."

After finishing her words, she turned around directly and walked toward the door.

Moore and Calvin looked at each other and shook their heads.

"So do I, " Moore said and got up from his chair. Something felt off and Moore wanted to make sure Jean was okay.

Calvin, on the other hand, felt a shift in Jean's attitude towards him and thought it was the best for Moore to follow her.

Moore rushed and stopped Jean who was walking with her head lowered to the ground.

"Moore? What are you doing?" She didn't know Moore would follow her hence was shocked to see his presence.

"Jean, after all, Calvin is your friend. Can you stop showing him this attitude? You may not care for him, but this behavior is bad even for a strange. And Jean! For the love of God, he just helped you."

Moore advised seriously.

Eyes wide open, Jean spoke in a threatening tone, "Why do you care so much?"

Hearing her tone, Moore was embarrassed so he tried to speak in a composed manner, "I just think that Calvin is a very good person. We are just about to have a meal together Jean, but something tells me you don't wan

ey know who we are. That is why they did it."

"I see." Digesting Calvin's words, Moore seemed to understand. "Being a celebrity must be hard, huh?" Moore questioned looking at the two of them.

"Celebrity? No way, I am not a celebrity." 'Is Moore crazy?' thought Jean inside her head.

"It is useless to declare your position Jean. And as long as you are Zed's wife, you will be the object of envy for all the women in H City. Calvin explained and threw cold water on her protest.

'Zed's wife...'

Hearing this title brought a bitter feeling to her heart. 'I will remove the title soon, ' she thought.

The matters were made clear yet they could feel the tension oozing from not knowing the person who framed them.

The atmosphere in the restaurant ended up being the opposite of fun with everyone lost in their thoughts.

After dropping them back to the hospital, Calvin took his leave.

"Jean, what are you going to do?" Moore asked with concern, "He... Why didn't he come to see you?"

These words had trouble coming out of Moore's mouth but Jean immediately understood who he was referring to.

"Moore, don't worry about my business, rest your mind and try to heal your wounds." Her words had a serious effect to it.

"Why won't you tell me? Are you afraid that I will make things more complicated for you?" A sad smile of disappointment appeared on Moore's face.

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