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   Chapter 267 Calvin Li’s True Identity

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8581

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"So what?" Jean looked at Joy coldly and questioned. She was so afraid to meet Joy at the hospital.

While looking, Jean realized Joy was carrying several plastic containers in her hand. 'Obviously, Joy bought them for her family.

They came down here because Henry is ill.

Or else Joy and Shirley hates having canteen food. They are so picky when it comes to food, ' Jean thought secretly.

"Shirley says that you are the talk of the town now. Your indecent video is on the internet, isn't it? Now people like to discuss you in their spare time. You should be ashamed about your behavior. How can you still seduce other men while you are married? Sure enough you and your dead mother are alike. You are both good at seducing men..."

Joy retorted with a sneer as she took in Moore and Calvin who were standing next to Jean.

"How dare you mention my mother!" Feeling provoked, Jean took a huge step toward Joy. Anger flooded her and she replied in defiance, "Seducing men? That's what you are good at, not my mom. How can you forget what you have done to take my mom's position and become Mrs. Wen. Nobody knows more about it than you yourself. Where did you get courage to laugh at me? Look at yourself, Mrs. Wen! Do you have right to teach me? Definitely no!" After this, Jean took a deep breath feeling breathless from the speech.

"Okay, you think I don't have the right? Considering that I'm still Mrs. Wen, you have to refer to me as mother..." Joy was sneering but deep down she was startled by Jean's fury. She even worried about Jean's further action but she consoled herself saying Jean couldn't do much in front of people. Trying to calm down, she put on a cool unfazed face.

"When I don't call Henry Wen Father, what makes you think I will call you Mother?" Jean pointed at Joy with her finger and said coldly with a smile, "Mrs. Wen, you know nothing! I can't believe how stupid you are!"

"Jean Wen! How dare you..." Those words offended Joy a great deal and a look of fury took over her face.

Listening to Jean's raising voice perplexed Joy because Joy never thought Jean had the capacity in her to answer back.

Looking around, Joy noticed more and more people taking interest in this fight. Shame crept through her and she was worried about being laughed at.

Trying to look stronger, Joy stared fiercely at Jean and spoke in an authoritative tone, "Okay! You are right! I shouldn't teach you. Do whatever you want! No wonder Zed left you. You are a shameless little woman. Mr. Qi hasn't come to visit you even once since. What w

ile on her face was gone now, and she trembled while she spoke.

"A threat? I don't like to threaten people. But if you test my patience then I may have to do it. How about I give a call to the Li Group right now?" Every word uttered by Calvin threw Joy off guard. Minute by minute, her brave face turned into a nervous one.

On hearing Calvin's mention of Li Group, Joy became alarmed and asked carefully, "Which Li Group?"

"Which is the Li Group you have in mind? That's right! It is the Li Group which can make Wen Group vanish in H City overnight." Calvin expected an answer and stood staring into her eyes.

Joy regretted creating a scene today and wished she hadn't uttered those words.

"Oh, let me introduce myself. I'm Calvin Li. Nice to meet you, Mrs. Wen!" Now Joy was utterly shocked and words failed to form. Calvin continued, "Remember my words! Keep away from Jean. If I ever come to know that you treat Jean this way again, then you will see my true color."

Finishing the sentence, Calvin turned around and walked toward Jean and Moore who had a stunned look on their faces.

"Jean, Let's go!"

Standing next to Jean, Calvin flashed her a smile which had an apologetic touch to it. 'I should have told Jean my true identity, ' he thought.

Not wanting to create more drama, Jean walked behind Calvin even though her surprise hadn't faded.

'I always knew that Calvin and Ron are not ordinary people, but this is so shocking!

How can Calvin be a member of Li family?

Li Group is the most famous enterprise apart from Qi Group in H City.

And I think it is really mean of him to threaten Joy using his identity, ' Jean had a feeling that she didn't know Calvin at all.

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