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   Chapter 266 Jean Wen, Stop There

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6869

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Jean stared at Calvin's unhappy face with wide eyes. She was shocked.

'Maranda really has a big mouth. She told Calvin about my illness.

Doesn't she understand that she should protect my privacy in front of a guy I've only met twice before?

I must talk to her later.'

"Actually, it's not as serious as you think. I've only been in a coma once. I'll be careful next time, " she said with a bitter smile.

Calvin shook his head. "You not only need to be careful, but you really have to take good care of yourself. If you fall ill now, people will gossip about you. They will think that you get sick because you are under great pressure and feel guilty about what you have done. And those who want to hurt you will be more satisfied when they learn of how your health was affected by what they had done..."

Calvin said gravely.

Jean felt as though her head was aching. She didn't expect that Calvin, who was usually quiet, was actually such a chatterbox.

Although she knew that he was speaking because of the concern he felt, She felt a little worn down.

When Calvin saw that Jean's expression was getting gloomier, he realized that he needed to stop. This was only their third meeting. It was not his place to lecture her like this.

An awkward look suddenly appeared on his face. He said with embarrassment, "Sorry, I crossed a line."

"That's okay. I know you are concerned about me." Jean dismissed the awkwardness with a rushed explanation.

"It's almost lunchtime. Would you like to have lunch with me?" Calvin asked Jean as he glanced at his watch.

Jean became hesitant. "I have an appointment with my friend..."

After saying that, Jean's expression showed the guilt she was feeling.

Although she still owed him a cup of coffee, she wasn't ready to go out for lunch with him.

Calvin was disappointed. He managed a smile as he replied, "I wanted to take you out to lunch. But since you have an appointment with your friend, we'll go another time."

"OK." Jean felt relieved that Calvin wasn't pushing her. Since

y reached the entrance to the dining hall, Jean saw an acquaintance. She stopped abruptly and sighed deeply.

She had deliberately chosen the dining hall so that people wouldn't gossip about her.

But she had forgotten that someone in the hospital was more terrible and annoying than the paparazzi.

She thought that if she went to the dining room she wouldn't meet this person.

But Jean didn't expect that she would meet this person on her way to lunch.

"There are too many people in the dining room. Let's go out to eat."

Jean decided immediately. She wrinkled her brows as though she was thinking about something.

Moore and Calvin were both amazed at the sudden change.

They peered around Jean and saw a person. Without asking any questions, Calvin and Moore nodded simultaneously and said, "OK."

Jean was relieved that the two men hadn't thought it necessary to ask her any questions. She really didn't want to explain this awkward situation.

Jean flashed them a grateful smile before turning around and leading them in the opposite direction from the dinning hall.

"Jean Wen, stop there."

They had only taken a few steps when an angry voice called from behind them.

Jean sighed helplessly, turned her head slowly and unwillingly.

Her plans never seemed to work out!

What bad luck! She had met so many annoying people today.

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