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   Chapter 264 You Are So Vicious

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9204

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When Zed turned around and saw Jesse, his frown disappeared. However, he became concerned when he saw that Jesse was out of breath and seemed anxious.

Considering the situation, he felt it was inadvisable and unwise for him to go to the hospital to see Jean, but Jesse could go there in his place.

With this thought in mind, Zed felt warm inside. He walked over to Jesse and consoled her, "Don't worry. Jean is not a child. She will be fine."

"But she didn't look well when she left in the morning. I am really worried about her..." Jesse said with concern.

"Perhaps she needs some time to calm down and think. Jesse, go back and get some rest. I will inform you as soon as I have any news about her." Zed comforted her gently.

"Oh..." Jesse was a little bewildered when she noticed that Zed didn't seem worried about Jean's disappearance. When she thought about what happened the previous night, Jesse guessed that Zed might be really heartbroken. At the thought that Zed and Jean wouldn't reconcile anymore, she felt relieved.

"Rest assured and go back to have a rest. I need to prepare for an upcoming meeting. I'm sorry but I won't be able to accompany you." Zed spoke to Jesse while grabbing the documents on his desk.

"Okay, brother Zed. You go ahead with your meeting." Jesse hurriedly waved her hand at Zed and ran away as quickly as she could.

The smile on Zed's face slowly disappeared. When Jesse had left his office, Zed heaved a heavy sigh.

He had been so tempted to tell Jesse that Jean was in hospital.

When he recalled that several minutes of the video had been deleted, he dropped the idea of making Jean's whereabouts known to Jesse. He had hired someone to fix the video.

Everything would be made clear once the video was fixed. If the video could not be fixed, then he would act accordingly.

But for now, Zed wanted to control who knew about Jean. Although Zed didn't suspect Jesse at all, he feared he would put Jean in danger if anyone else knew too much, including Jesse.

Hence, Zed changed his mind about telling Jesse that Jean was in the hospital.

Although worried, Zed reassured himself that Jean was safe. After all, Toby, Zed's muscleman, had been stationed at the hospital and he would watch out for Jean. Zed would be informed of her situation no matter what happened to Jean.

Therefore, the fewer the people who knew where Jean was, the better, Zed thought.

Zed paced in front of his desk as he thought about all that had happened. His concern for Jean surfaced despite all his efforts to stay calm. He was desperate to be by Jean's side. But in consideration of Jean's safety, he finally changed his mind and decided that staying away from her would be the safer alternative. And

still wanted to show it to Zed. No matter how good you are at acting, Zed will notice your malice sooner or later."

"Yes, I am vicious with evil intentions. But Eva, I feel dwarfed in comparison to you. You are the one that plays your cards very well. Am I right?" Jesse sneered at her.

Upon hearing that, Eva turned pale. Speechless, she stared at Jesse. For a long time, Eva was lost in her thoughts. It was not until quite a while later that Eva burst into laughter. "Yeah, I got what I deserve. I wouldn't have fallen into such an awkward predicament if no evil thoughts have crept into my mind. Jesse, don't imagine turning me into a scapegoat. If worst comes to the worst, we will perish together. I am no longer fearful of anything."

"I have told you again and again that I didn't post the video online. Why don't you believe me? How can you doubt me? Didn't you say that your friend edited that video for you? Then, why don't you ask him if he posted the video online or not?" Jesse questioned Eva. She was becoming tried of proclaiming her innocence and not being believed.

"I asked him, but he told me that he didn't post that one. The one he posted was totally different. The only explanation is that someone else posted the video. And the only person looking to ruin things between Zed and Jean now is you. So you have edited and modified the video! I can clearly discern your jealousy and hatred for Jean. You wish to defeat Jean, don't you? If everything happens as you've planned, it will be perfectly justifiable for you to be with Zed. Jesse, how vicious you are!"

Eva rebuked her with great fury. The longer she spoke, the more high-pitched her voice became.

Her loud voice would have attracted a great number of onlookers had they not been in the underground parking lot during normal working hours.

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