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   Chapter 263 I Feel Great Shame

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 11281

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Shirley sneered at Jean with great contempt. "I don't want to argue with you for the sake that you have been just dumped by Zed. But Jean, you must remember that. Everything between us is still not over yet. So, you are not just free."

As soon as she finished her words with annoy on her face, Shirley fiercely threw off Jean's arms to the side, forcing her backwards.

Jean was so weak and fragile that she couldn't withstand her violent action. Because of the force she received, she tripped backwards, and her pale face turned more livid with pain and sorrow.

She felt a little hard to breathe and her eyes turned reddish because of fury. She fiercely stared at Shirley and still couldn't believe the reaction Shirley had given to her.

"Don't glare at me that way. You have come to such a desperate situation all because of yourself. Nobody has a part in your situation. You are only to blame yourself. Yes, it's true. You looked down upon all others when you were with Zed. You never showed any respect to our Wen Family which had brought you up. You considered yourself to be some queen ruling all over us. And you forgot your rightful place when you were with Zed But Jean, you have never expected that retribution would come to you so fast. Am I right? Hahaha, you have made our Wen Family suffer a lot. So, don't even think about enjoying your life. You have to pay for what you have done."

Shirley chuckled to herself as long as she looked at Jean who was in an extremely awkward position. She just gloated over Jean's situation without any sympathy. Finally, she was getting her wish fulfilled to see Jean suffer.

Her mischievous smile was deeply rooted in Jean's mind like an impression of a demon. Jean knew even if she would want to forget it, she would not be able to succeed.

"Yes, you are correct I deserve it all, " Jean said with her lips pursed, feeling angry and helpless at the same time.

'I forgave you and gave you chances again and again. But you are always so ungrateful. I shouldn't have been compassionate towards you. Everyone suggested me to be strict with you, but no, I only favored you.

No matter how far you went, I never thought of ruining you in person.

But just now, I was feeling spiritless. Shirley, you son of a bitch. At the sight of my awkward situation, you even did nothing but add insult to my injury and discourage me.

This is my half-sibling. My so called half-sister.'

With a deep disgusting look at Shirley, Jean wanted to go back to her ward.

It would be just a waste of her time to continue staying with such a person and have any further conversation with her. So, she was just going to turn back.

"What's wrong? Are you leaving?" Before Jean could take a step forward, Shirley immediately grabbed her arm and sneered at her while stopping Jean in her way. "I haven't finished speaking yet. Are you too guilty to listen to me? Jean Wen, for the sake that we are siblings, just tell me who the two men you have hooked up with are? And what Zed did to you when he knew about your dirty act? Just tell me these things and you are free to go."

"Siblings?" Jean laughed sarcastically and ironically stared at her. "I feel great shame in having a little sister like you. And I don't want to talk to you further. Keep your hand off my arm. I am going back to my ward. And don't follow me. Can y

do it. So, she let them fall.

Just a day before, Zed had treated her so well and affectionately. But now, he was acting so peculiarly and cruelly. It was appearing as if he had stopped loving her within a day.

For what had happened in the club the other night, Jean knew that she was wrong in some sense. But didn't Zed feel guilty at all? At least, he was wrong in some parts.

Jean should be the one that should have lost her temper. But things happened in an opposite manner.

A normal woman would be very angry if she saw that her husband was sleeping with another woman. But she acted so normally. Zed didn't even considered that.

So far, Zed hadn't given her any explanation related to his doings. In addition, he had even turned a blind eye to her. And now, he was ignoring her.

He was reluctant to see her even if she was hospitalized. And he didn't even consider the fact that she could be very serious or anything could have happened to her.

Initially, when Zed didn't know that she was hospitalized, Jean still had some expectations about Zed. But by this moment, she was desperate and hopeless. And she felt as if her world was over.

Being light-headed and dizzy from all the things that had happened in a few minutes, she fumbled towards her bed.

After putting his cellphone down, Zed was staring at the document in his hand with complex emotions. Even after a few minutes, his eyes were still focused at the same point without even blinking at all.

It was not until quite a long time later that he came to his senses. He abruptly put the document down on the side table and walked outside the office with the coat in his hand.

At that precise moment, he suddenly heard a knock at the door.

Zed was surprised at the knock and in shock, his brows furrowed immediately.

"Come in." Zed replied slowly in a grave tone while putting his coat back on the coat stand.

As soon as the door was opened, he saw that Jesse was rushing into his office with great anxiety. "Brother Zed, I didn't find Jean at home when I went back. I checked all over the place. So in worry, I made a phone call to her company, and her colleagues told me that she was not at the company either. I don't know where Jean has gone."

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