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   Chapter 262 Enemies Are Destined To Meet

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9750

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After getting Jean's approval, as door opened firmly, a young face popped up from behind it.

"Moore…" Immediately Jean sat up on bed as she was surprised to see Moore walk towards her. She was not at all expecting that Moore would come to visit her.

Though after she woke up, she found out that she and Moore were in the same hospital, she didn't expect that Moore would also know the same.

Wasn't he supposed to stay in bed for recovery?

"This morning when I came out to stretch my legs, I saw that you were also sent to this hospital by your colleagues. So, I thought why I should be waiting to meet you when you are already here. So I came over to check on you after they were gone." Moore walked to Jean's bedside and explained it to her smilingly.

"Please sit down." Jean said to Moore calmly while she smiled wryly. "I have no problem at all. They are making a fuss about nothing."

"You don't know. When they sent you here, you had already passed out. Your state was very critical. Everyone who saw you was tensed to see you in an unconscious state with your body appearing so frigid. Even now, you look pale and weak. As if all of your energy is drained away from you. Jean, you should take care of yourself. Your health doesn't look good. At your age, you should be running and exercising, not lying on the bed I haven't seen any girl as bony and weak as you." Moore looked serious and tensed with concern. His body language was also rigid as if he was experiencing stress.

Hearing his words, Jean raised her own hands to touch her cheeks. Indeed, the cheeks were hollow. There was kinda sunken feeling in them. She took a deep breath in a feeble way and said with bitterness, "I know. I will stay in the hospital and will keep you company here and I will also try to follow all the instructions doctors are going to give me."

"That is right, good girl." Moore showed a satisfied expression and somewhat started to look relieved.

Before arriving here, Moore had gone to see doctors to check on Jean's status. That was why he knew so much about her health condition. And he thoroughly grilled her reports because he wanted her to be well as soon as possible.

He was shocked. A young girl like her shouldn't be so weak. She should be healthy and physically fit.

He had prepared a full lecture to give it to her, if she wouldn't have decided to rehabilitate in the hospital, as she was not at all in fine state to stay outside.

He would have done anything necessary that a friend should do, regardless of whether she would have listened or not.

However, it was apparent that the friends who had sent her in, had already persuaded her. Otherwise she would have stayed outside and her condition would have worsen with time.

Moore felt quite relaxed and was having peace of mind after having discussion with Jean.

"Have you had your breakfast? Do you want to join me?"


that Shirley was walking this way with a mocking expression on her face. She scowled in her mind, "Enemies are destined to meet."

And then she raised her brows and stared at her harshly while giving a sneer. "You are dying to get me abandoned by Zed so that you could try your chance to be Mrs. Qi?"

"Jean, whatever happens, we are still sisters. You know the status of our family. I am here out of my goodwill to talk sense into you. Don't be so ungrateful to what you are blessed with. If you keep acting so pretentious, you will lose everything sooner or later. Oh, no, my mistake. Now, all you have is only illusion. You don't have anything! So, before the illusion goes away, you'd better enjoy every single moment!"

Illusion? ?

On hearing all this, Jean squinted and stared at Shirley coldly. She snapped, "What nonsense are you talking about?"

"Nonsense?" Suddenly Shirley smirked with twisted lips and looked at Jean spitefully. "Don't bother to cover it up. Your video has been forwarded and shared to everyone. I didn't know that you could be so popular one day…"

"Shirley, shut your mouth up." Jean had taken great effort in convincing herself not to think about this matter. Now that, Shirley had mentioned it again. Jean's heart twitched violently and she felt that her head had started spinning badly.

"What? You let the video to be circulated online, and you do not want me to talk about it? To be honest, I am curious about who the two men are. And what I am even more curious about is, why the meek and obedient Jean would date some other man behind Zed's back…"

"You shut up!" Jean couldn't stand it anymore and in agitation and anger, she raised her right hand to slap the conceited face of Shirley.

On listening all the things Shirley had said, Jean's reaction was natural for a person. But her hand was caught by Shirley mid-air.

"You are just a sick kitten. Who do you think is afraid of you?"

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