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   Chapter 261 I Didn’t Mean to Force You to Leave

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"Jean, don't listen to him." Maranda desperately winked at John and warned him to stop being big-mouthed. Then she comforted Jean in a soft tone with a smiling face. But Jean noticed all this reaction on Maranda's face.

Maranda's unusual behavior to stop John from saying anything further triggered Jean's suspicion. She somewhat understood that they were trying to conceal something from her and that something was correlated to her.

"John, now that you have started to say something, be a man and finish your words. Don't care what Maranda says. You can tell me anything. It's okay. I can take it." Jean's expression tensed. She asked John seriously.

As the atmosphere got tensed, Maranda realized that Jean had noticed the fact that they were keeping something from her. And now Jean wanted to know everything, but she had to try to hide it from Jean. It was for Jean's sake only. So she said resentfully to John, "John, if you are really going to say it, I will never forgive you in the future…"

"Maranda, do you think your threat is going to work? Or you just want to conceal it from her and force her to live in hospital? We both know clearly how stubborn she is. I think we should tell her the truth, if we really want to help her." John was not a man who could be easily threatened, he frowned and replied to Maranda in forceful tone.

"You…" Maranda was speechless by John's response, her mouth still opened in mid-sentence. Finally, she said in a ruffled tone, "Okay, whatever. But if anything bad happens, you will be the one to be accounted for."

In a sulky way, immediately Maranda turned her face to the other side after finishing her words, and acted as if it was a very grave matter.

"What the hell is going on?" Seeing the argument between Maranda and John, and in particular Maranda's angry reaction, Jean felt extremely anxious. In order to ease the surrounding, she asked them in a self-mockery tone, "I didn't get an incurable disease, right?"

"Cut it out!"

"Cut it out!"

John and Maranda yelled it out simultaneously. They looked at each other and both saw helpless expression on each other's face, as Jean was taking it in all wrong sense.

"Fine! Tell her the truth, John!" Maranda finally gave in and said to John before taking a deep sigh. Then she sat down on the chair beside Jean's bed in a tiring way.

Jean hastened to look at John as she heard Maranda's words of agreement.

A bitter smile appeared on John's face as he said, "Don't think so negatively. What we said to you before is true, you are severely anemic and weak. But If you are not going to take care of yourself and rest more, your condition could be worsened due to shortage of blood supply, and as a result, you will frequently suffer coma."

"Frequently suffer coma…" Jean muttered. Her expression suddenly changed to grim as she repeated the words.

She had always known that she had anemia, however, the severe condition described by John was really beyond Jean's expectation. She was in shock because she had never thought that her anemia could be so severe.

"Don't worry, Jean. The doctor told us that your condition was still in an early stage, as long as you take his advice and take more rest, you can get back to normal life soon. And everything will be fine. But you have to follow his advice. As for the reason why we didn't tell you earlier, we were just too worried about you, we didn't want you to feel stressed, and we didn't know how you would react

ad as it was now. As she lived on their pity, her body suffered the consequences.

Especially at this crucial time.

If Zed and Jesse had known this, they would probably be mocking on her vulnerably affected condition. She even imagined their comments and laughs on her condition.

However, her body was still depending on her to recover and to be taken care seriously. She had to take it all sincerely as everything had gone way out of hands.

Though Jean didn't want to be laughed at by Jesse, right now, it was stupid to care about her dignity more than her body. Her body was her main priority.

Even though Zed would really leave Jean, Jean would still be curious about whether Jesse would be the one staying by Zed's side then. Jean never wanted Jesse to be with Zed.

As Jean thought about this touchy topic, her body which was already in vulnerable condition made her feel uncomfortable. To neutralize herself she took a deep breath. However, she still was feeling dizzy.

Jean slowly changed her position to ease herself. After she felt better, she took out her phone. Jean was in desperate need of peace at that time.

She made another try to call Eva, as she failed again. she decided to give up and try to go to sleep. But her mind was not letting her sleep. All her issues that led to this instance kept flashing before her eyes.

By analyzing Eva's reaction, Jean felt that Eva was very likely to be associated to the matter of the video. She just wanted to confirm it.

Though Jean had been very cautious, unexpectedly, she got trapped by Eva's scheme. Eva was very vicious in her planning. She was a devious woman.

A bitter and tiring smile appeared on Jean's face. Eva was not her only enemy at all. The greatest threat faced by Jean at that instance was still Jesse. Jesse was winning over Eva in all of her schemes. As Jesse was more close to Zed, it was easier for her to execute her plans.

When the scene she had seen that morning flashed in Jean's mind, she could only feel a sharp pain in her heart and a deep desire to cry out loud.

Right at this instance, someone knocked at the door of her ward.

Jean answered in a stunned expression, "Come in please."

The news that Jean had been in hospital seemed to have spread very fast. Who would it be to come to visit her so soon?

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