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   Chapter 260 Set Up A Trap

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9548

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"I know it." Zack said while nodding his head sternly.

Zack realized the graveness of the matter after hearing to Zed. Previously, he hadn't known the issue was so serious.

There was a villain secretly sowing discord to break up this lovely couple. People could be very wicked and they didn't want anyone to be happy. Especially married couples, who had already suffered from so much troubles, had to face these people.

"Be careful, after all you are their prey. Mainly, they are trying to affect you, so whatever you do, do it cautiously. " Before saying his farewells, Zack warned Zed repeatedly. He didn't want Zed to be hurt in any way. He was concerned about his well-being.

Zed nodded solemnly and started the ignition of the car to drove towards his company.

'If I am not going to appoint Toby for Jean's protection, there is a possibility that enemy's plot would succeed?'

At this thought, it felt as if a knot was present in his stomach. Zed was tensed and concerned about Jean. He wanted to do everything possible that was within his reach to protect her.

How cunning the enemy was!

They planned to set them up and attempted to alienate the love present between the couple.

Then they set up a trap to make Jean witness the adultery mime that Zed had slept with Jesse, making her believe that Zed had betrayed her.

Everything was so well designed. It felt like a perfectly planned chess game.

Even Zed was admiring that it was a complex trap with a lot of efforts put into it..

Zed nearly fell in to the trap, but it was by God's grace that he barely made it to the other side.

'How can I let you win so easily? You have started a tussle with me. You have to pay for what you have planned.'

Zed smiled by himself and immediately he calmed himself down, as now he had a clear understanding of the whole situation and how to deal with it. And now he was going to turn the table on his enemy.

At that moment, the mobile phone started ringing and Zed became nervous on noticing that it was a call from Toby.

Zed was worried that something may have happened to Jean.

When Jean came out from her coma, she was stunned to find that she had woken up in a white world. Everything was white, all walls of the room were white, bed sheets and pillows were white and even the quilt was also white.

She was in the hospital.

As soon as her last moments before fainting flashed in her eyes, Jean hurried to get up from her bed.

"Jean, you are awake." Maranda was happy to find that Jean was awake. She walked towards the bed with a basket of fruits in her hands.

"You..." Jean looked at Maranda in confusion, asking her feebly, "Why are you here? Why am I here?"

Last, Jean remembered that on the street someone had called her name, but she fainted without even seeing clearly who had called her. And now,

ean should listen to them.

"Maranda, you..." Jean got angry. But in her heart, she knew that they cared about her and they only wanted her health to improve.

So her only option was to just ignore them. So Jean stayed silent without saying one more word.

John and Maranda looked at each other and then both of them smiled lightly.

'Jean is angry, because her face is all red.

But the decision is not negotiable even if she is angry and disappointed.

The whole matter was arranged by Zed. John and I just help Zed to persuade her. So no matter how hard she tries, she has to accept the decision of staying in hospital for a whole week.


Jean is too stubborn enough to convince.'

Maranda sighed secretly in her heart, while holding Jean's hand and shaking it for several times. "Jean, we are only doing this for you. If you consider us as your friend, please take care of yourself. And Please, just stay in the hospital, will you?"

Maranda said this with an ingratiating smile. Jean's anger subsided quickly. She sighed and looked at them. "I don't know why are you so tense. I just fainted. It happens to a lot of people."

"Because you are weak. How about taking this time to have a good rest and to improve your physical condition?" Maranda grinned and explained.

"I am not a kid anymore! Nobody can be fooled by such tricks. I know I am in good condition. I am healthy." Jean answered discontentedly.

If you are healthy, why didn't you get pregnant since you have been married for years?" John suddenly said to Jean in a questioning tone.

"John..." Maranda's face darkened and she gave a serious and angry look to stop him.

Jean was surprised by John's words. She was not expecting him to be this bold. But before she even knew what was happening she heard Maranda's yelling and saw her serious look. Jean looked at them questioningly. "What do you mean?"

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