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   Chapter 259 The Video Was Edited

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8663

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Zed quickly reached the monitoring room by elevator. With a shadow hanging over him, he asked his employee to retrieve the video which had been recorded since he came to the company last night. As soon as the video was retrieved, he watched it in silence with gloom on his face.

After watching the video, he found that nothing strange happened after Jesse came in, except that there was no scene for several minutes.

'No scene?'

Zed took a deep look at the blank screen. He was suddenly burdened by the complexities of his feelings.

He left the monitoring room and directly went to the parking lot by elevator.

He drove fast and made a phone call to Zack. On Zed's arrival at the parking lot of the club, Zack came into view waiting for him, looking drowsy.

"Zed, you called me and woke me up so early in the morning. What's wrong?" Zack asked him and Zed watched him yawn.

"Our company's surveillance video was edited. I want you to go with me to the club to check the video, in order to know what on earth Jean was doing there the other night. I also want to confirm if it has been edited as Jean said. Isn't Mr. Wang, the boss of the club, your friend? Did you give him a phone call saying we will be coming?" Zed threw all these questions at Zack.

"Yes, I called him very early this morning. He is waiting for us." At first, Zack assumed Zed wanted to see the club video because of Jean's incident. But he was shocked to find out that the surveillance video had been edited in Zed's company. His sleep suddenly left him and he asked, "What happened? Did you offend anyone recently?"

While speaking, he entered the elevator and stood next to Zed.

With his eyebrows furrowed, Zed replied in a cold tone, "I know I have offended many people, but I am sure that I didn't offend anyone lately. I mean this person, whoever he or she is, is taking things very personally."

"Okay, forget it, " said Zack with a smirk.

Apparently, Zack discerned that Zed was not in his usual mood.

He looked furious and it seemed that he cared a lot about this thing.

To be sure, Zack would be angrier than Zed if someone made mischief on his wife.

"How will Jean react if she knows this? Do you really plan to conceal this from her? Then, your relationship will be worse, won't it?" Zack asked Zed in great astonishment.

"I should pretend to be angry with her and give her the cold shoulder for the time being. This is the only way to find out who framed her." Just the mention of Jean softened Zed and a shadow of sadness passed his face.

"But you are a couple. If y

amilies engage in businesses. After all, we know almost everything about them." Upon hearing Zed's instruction, Zack just didn't feel like agreeing this time.

Zed walked into the elevator and looked at Zack with an expressionless face. "Would you ask your friend to keep you company when you go dating? Ron went for dating Maranda, but he went there with Calvin. He didn't know that Maranda would go there with Jean. Then, why on earth did he ask another man to keep him company. Isn't that weird, Zack?"

After seriously considering this for a while, Zack shook his head and replied, "Yes. I also smell something fishy here, but the relationship between Ron and Calvin is so close that they almost always do things together. For example, once both of their parents thought that they were gays. It is because of this worry that Ron's parents anxiously desired to claim kinship with the Qin Family as soon as Ron and Calvin returned after their overseas studies."

Zack explained to Zed in a calm and reassuring manner.

"Ron needn't go dating with the company of Calvin, no matter how close their relationship is! This is completely absurd." Not believing Zack's words, Zed snorted with contempt, "Ron's parents are in the Imperial Capital, which is very far away from here. And so they can't know what Ron is up to at all. Then, was it necessary for Ron to go dating following the instruction of his parents?"

"This sounds a little sensible." With no choice left, Zack agreed with Zed and nodded at him. "I will assign someone to investigate them right away."

"Also, remember to ask him to be careful during his investigation. Don't bother their parents in the Imperial Capital." Zed exhorted continuing to leave.

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