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   Chapter 258 Nothing Happened Last Night

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7869

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Standing a little too distant from the bed, Zed looked at Jesse in a daze, and then he cried out in horror and panic, "Jesse... why are you here..."

The great panic made him pale and even his voice trembled.

Hearing Zed's screams, Jesse's confused eyes suddenly became sober, and the sleepiness on her face disappeared instantly. Wrapping herself in the quilt, she sat up and tried to make sense of the situation. "Last night... it seems that we both got… drunk..."


At Jesse's mention of drunk, Zed slowly recalled fragments of what happened last night. But when he saw that they two were almost naked, his face turned extremely cold.

It shocked him to see Jesse beside him, but now the fact they only wore underwear crept him out. 'Where is our outer garments? How did they disappear?'

While figuring out what happened, he suddenly stopped for a moment. 'What was the noise that woke us up?' he thought.

Before he could look near the door, Jesse yelled out, "Brother Zed, where are our clothes? And last night..."

"Nothing happened last night!" Zed interrupted her coldly.

'Nothing happened?'

On hearing this, Jean became sober from shock and touched the wall beside her.

She thought coldly, 'Zed, look at the romantic scene. How can you say that nothing happened between the two of you?

A couple of near-naked man and woman have spent the whole night in a bed, and you are all in a lustful age. You say nothing happened last night, just sleeping. Who would believe it?'

"That's right! Brother Zed, we were very close when we were small, and sometimes we slept together..." Jesse had a secure smile on her face at once. Jesse's words were even more ridiculous! How could she compare this to their childhood days? Could childhood be the same as adulthood? Hearing this, Jean was already in such a sour mood that she didn't know what expression to maintain.

"Oh, Jean! Why are you here?"

Jesse gazed near the door. When she saw Jean, she opened her mouth wide in surprise and cried out in dismay.

Hearing Jesse's exclamation, Zed, facing the other side, immediately turned to look. When he saw Jean's eyes staring sadly at him, a trace of panic flashed through his heart.

"Je..." Zed almost blurted out Jean's name but couldn't do it. He thought of their quarrel last night and closed his mouth, thin

stepping outside the office. She found it hard to walk and felt herself stagger.

'I wish I didn't have to see that.'

Watching her life crumple down felt like a punch on her face.

All the time she spent with Zed felt fake to her now. She realized it was nothing but a trick from his side.

'Zed, why did you do this to me?

You said you love me, but now you're in bed with another woman, almost naked.

Well, is that how you prove your love?

You obviously know how much I dislike Jesse's relationship with you, but you still choose to be with her...

Is it because of being drunk?

Is that the excuse you will be using?

Well, that's a terrible excuse and I can never forgive you!'

Jean made up her mind to never trust Zed again.

She hated him for making her feel guilty about the video when in reality he was the real culprit.

Walking on the sidewalk with a pale and dull look, she watched the passers-by pointing their fingers at her.

She did not know how long she had been walking because inside her head it felt like ages. Anyway, she didn't stop until she was called from behind.


Hearing this call, she frowned and turned to look behind her.

In the dazzling sunshine, a handsome young man with a vigorous face started walking towards Jean.

Jean felt a splitting headache, swayed a few times and eventually collapsed to the ground.


The man called again, and this time there was a lot of worry in his voice.

'I'll just lie down for a while, '

Jean muttered to herself before she fainted.

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